Why I Run: Jill Freed, 37

Jill Freed

Jill Freed

Runner: Jill Freed, 37

Years running: 5 years

Hometown: Fort Wayne, IN

1) What’s your favorite distance?

Half marathon is probably the sweet-spot.  It’s long enough to feel a large sense of achievement, but you’re not killing yourself like you do in a 5k.  But my heart lies with the marathon.  There’s something about running marathons that makes me feel like I can conquer the world.

2) Proudest racing moment?

I recently ran my first 50 mile race (Rocky Raccoon 50) with two friends.  It was not only my longest race by almost 20 miles, but it was a course riddled with roots and I didn’t fall down once!

3) Guilty pleasure food?

Pizza, Colby Jack Cheez-Its, grilled cheese—if it’s salty, you can guarantee I am thoroughly enjoying it.

4) The gear you cannot run without?

As a not-small chested woman, I can’t imagine running without a good running bra.  There are two things almost every woman runner needs:  a good bra and running shoes.  The rest just makes you feel pretty!

5) Do you have all your toenails?

I do!!!  I’m not sure how, but I do!  I even didn’t get dirty looks when I got a pedicure recently.  I call this a huge win.

6) Favorite workout?

I’m strictly an amateur runner.  I run to run.  Last year I started doing some speedwork classes.  After every one of those classes I felt like a rock star!  I was tired, sweaty, thirsty, and hungry, yet felt awesome.

7) If I were given free entry to a race, I’d race…

Probably the Athens Marathon (the one in Greece, not Ohio).  I’d love to run the course that inspired my favorite distance.

8) Most embarrassing running moment?

I can’t really think of any.  I mean, we all have the stories where we ate sidewalk or pooped downtown by the river, right?

9) Weird race ritual?

Thankfully I don’t have any.  Maybe I lube up my thighs a bit too much.  No thigh-gap for this girl, so I need lots and lots of lube so I don’t start any fires.

10) Favorite place to run?

My town has a great greenway trail that follows all of our three rivers.  There is one part that goes out in the country and follows the river and it’s so peaceful and shaded.

11) One way running has made you a better person?

I am trying to give back.  I found that my running has inspired people, so I’m trying to help people start running and hopefully learn to love it like me.  It’s made me a leader.

12) Best medal or award you’ve received?

A homemade #1 mom medal that my kids made. Otherwise it’s probably my Rocky Raccoon medal because it was the one I’m proudest of.

13) Impress me with your biggest running achievement (distance/PR/races run/charitable giving).

Loving to run is my biggest achievement.  Before I started five years ago, I’d never run.  I wasn’t “built for running”.  But, I found a plan for a local 4 mile race and stuck with it and it slowly became easier and easier.  And it started to stick.  Sometimes these things don’t stick.  But it did, and for that I am so thankful!

13.1) If I’m not running, I’m…

Reading.  I love to read!

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  • Linda July 15, 2014, 7:52 am

    Very inspirational….Thank you!

  • Mike July 14, 2014, 2:49 pm

    I know her!

  • tosuperstar July 14, 2014, 2:40 pm

    Fun read, good interview and insight into Jilly Beans! As for lubing the thighs, TMI. 🙂

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