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7 Scotland Half Marathons You’ll Love Running

7 Scotland Half Marathons You'll Love Running

You might feel like you’re William Wallace of Braveheart fame tromping through the meadows and mountains of Glencoe Valley in the Scottish Highlands, which the race organizers say is a true endurance test. “Make no mistake this is a serious challenge in a remote but spectacular location that will test your fitness, robustness and resilience to the limit,” at the Glencoe Marathon Gathering. More here >>

10 Italy Half Marathons You’ll Love Running

Held in late May, Venice’s Moonlight Half Marathon is unusual as it begins around sunset at 7:45 p.m. Runners start and finish at Piazza Milano and the course travels through the countryside of Jesolo, alongside the Cavetta Canal, and to the tourist marina of Cortellazzo. Runner continue on to the mouth of the Piave River and finish the course along the beach by the Adriatic Sea. More >>

10 Chile Half Marathons for the Traveling Runner

10 Chile Half Marathons for the Traveling Runner

Beginning at Botadero Rocas, runners at this race will follow a point-to-point course finishing at the Hotel Rio Serrano. Located in South America’s extreme south, at 51° south latitude, this race takes place east of the Great Southern Ice Field and South of Torres del Paine National Park. This early September race brings plenty of challenge with over 1,500 feet of climbing in just 13.1 horizontal miles. More >>

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