10 Running Goals You Can Reach For in 2015

© Yanlev | Dreamstime.com

© Yanlev | Dreamstime.com

1) Run your first half

Go ahead. Click that registration button! If you are healthy, running, and have ambling to make the step to signing up, make the new year a reason to make your first half marathon happen.

2) Run a challenging course

Find hills, heat, monotony, cold, rocks, mountains, or any combination that will test your limits and give your training a new life.

3) Set a new PR

Maybe it’s been years since you’ve set a personal record time, or “PR” for short. Maybe you know you had something left in your last race. Either way, it’s a perfect goal to keep chasing.

4) Run a course PR

Perhaps the weather was bad or your training was less than perfect. A course personal record is the ultimate revenge.

5) Run in another state

Not every runner can afford a “run-cation,” but collecting a medal while discovering new terrain is certainly memorable. Plus, the motivation to maintain training is doubled with a trip attached.

6) Pace a friend

If you’ve run a few races yourself, help a friend cross the finish line by offering to pace them.

7) Volunteer

Hang out on the other side if you have always been the runner. It is a great way to give back to the running community and can give great perspective on racing.

8) Run for charity

Raise money for a cause that it is important to you and donate it after completing the race. There are plenty of non-profits both at a local level and national level that can benefit from your donation.

9) Run to train

Not all races have to be run as fast you can muster. Some runners enter races as a means to train for a goal race a few weeks or months later. The mileage is more fun with other runners around and you earn a medal.

10) Run to become a “Fanatic”

There are a few ways to become a Half Fanatic: You can finish two half marathons within 16 days or three within 90 days to qualify. This virtual running club is growing exponentially and offers racers a network of fellow runners to connect with.

Learn more at the group’s website, halffanatics.com.

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