15 Things to Pack When You Run a Relay Race

© Dirima | Dreamstime.com

© Dirima | Dreamstime.com

You’re gonna want a cowbell. Also baby wipes, toilet paper, a beach towel and plenty of cash. Don’t get caught without these items when you’re in the middle of a big relay race:

1) Disposable toothbrushes

Can be used anytime, anywhere, and don’t require water. Your teammates will appreciate it too.

2) Baby wipes

If you don’t have time or your relay doesn’t offer showers, these will at least get a little bit of the grit and grime off.

3) Old blanket or sheet

For sleeping, stretching in parking lots, or to create a makeshift changing room. Takes up less room than most sleeping bags too!

4) Flip flops

Give your feet a chance to breathe after each leg.

5) Multi-USB car charger

Have you been to the airport lately? All those people hovering over a few available outlets? Plan to have enough juice to satisfy the crowd.

6) Glow sticks

Far from a necessity, but a fantastic idea at 3 a.m. It’s much easier to identify your teammate if they are wearing 3 purple glow stick necklaces.

7) Toilet paper

Even the most organized races have porta-potties that run out of toilet paper. Plus, you can use it to make finish lines for each team member!

8) Frozen water bottles

Use them instead of ice for the cooler. Pull them out towards the end of the race for aching muscles or liquid refreshment.

9) Gallon sized plastic bags

Tuck all the stinky clothes away for a fun laundry surprise later.

10) Real food

It’s tempting to pack all non-perishable goodies (hello road trip food!), but remember that runners need quality nourishment too. Pack cut up fruits and vegetables, string cheese, sandwiches/wraps, yogurt cups, etc.

11) First aid kit

Bandages, moleskin, aspirin, and a sterile needle. Someone will likely need something in the kit.

12) Cowbell

Take a break from yelling and screaming and let the cowbell do a little work.

13) Swimmer towel

These are great for absorbing sweat quickly and are the right size for a short-term seat cover.

14) Camp or neck pillow

Most runners will want to nod off at some point. A small creature comfort helps.

15) Cash

Seems obvious, but in a plastic world, this is often an oversight in our wallets. Bring small bills for coffee stands, breakfast stations, and shower opportunities.

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