Run the Circle Half Marathon, 10k, & 5k

Sunday, September 29, 2024 • Dothan, AL

Run the Circle Half Marathon, 10k, & 5k course in Dothan, AL

Note: The 2024 race has been canceled.

Run the Circle Half Marathon, a charitable road race that began in 2018 and also happens to offer a 10k and 5k race the day prior, is the first and only of its kind, encouraging participants to come “Run America’s first circle”, otherwise known as Alabama State Route 210 aka Ross Clark Circle; the first “ring road” in the United States, constructed in 1958. 

Within a unique circular road running course, Dothan’s Run the Circle Half Marathon is one that’s known to be both fast and flat, however, that doesn’t mean it’s not challenging. 

Due to its course uniqueness, runners are asked to come extra prepared physically, for the circular nature of the race may result in one side being more sore than the other! Jokes aside, while Run the Circle Half Marathon isn’t one for scenery because of its traffic-heavy location, runners continue to rave and review about its fun and amusing qualities as an overall event. 

Starting at 3148 Ross Clark Circle near Loyless Donuts, this race takes runners on a looping course along the busy 4-lane Alabama State Route 210. Given its heavy traffic, event coordinators in conjunction with state and local police, direct runners along an enclosed lane for a safe and enjoyable experience. 

As runners make their way through Ross Clark Circle, checkpoints will be reached at miles 3.25, 6.5, 10, and 13.1 where they’ll be swapped if they don’t meet the strict cutoff time. 

Ultimately, runners will reach the finish line just minutes from the original start line, at 2970 Ross Clark Circle near Fit Culture. Remember, the entire course is on Ross Clark Circle, so no need to stress about landmarks or misdirections. 

One of Alabama’s newer road races, Run the Circle has quickly become a fan favourite, already earning the alternative title ‘Dothan Running Festival’. With that said, it’s not for the faint of heart, with a hard 3-hour cutoff time starting at the crack of 7:00 a.m., runners will be ushered off the course if they fail to reach each checkpoint in time. 

Challenging it is, however over the moon fun too! Aid stations comprising water, Gatorade, and pickle juice can be expected at miles 2, 3, 4.5, 7, 9, 10, and 12, and an honorary medal is presented to all finishers, with a cool t-shirt provided with every entry as well. 

Race Weather & Climate

Set in the southeastern part of the state, less than 20 miles from Florida, the city of Dothan typically sees mild to cool weather conditions in the mid-fall season, as well as ample rainfall. In Dothan, temperatures average between 60ºF to 78°F, while rainfall totals average 3 inches for the month.
On race day, September 29, the average low is 64ºF and the average high is 78ºF.

Run the Circle Half Marathon Race Results

Run the Circle Half Marathon Course Map

See the race route map for the Run the Circle Marathon course map here.

Starting Time

The half marathon start time is 7:00AM CDT.

There is a strict 3-hour time limit on the course.


To reserve your spot in the 2024 Run the Circle Half Marathon, 10k, & 5k, you can use the registration link here.

Half Marathon Fees

There is a $60.00 fee for the half marathon.

Run the Circle Half Marathon Race Website

Run the Circle Half Marathon Website

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