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The Best Chicago Half Marathons

The Best Chicago Half Marathons Thumbnail

You wouldn’t be surprised to know Chicago half marathons are some of the most iconic in the country. Are you looking for views of Lake Michigan? A run down the Magnificent Mile? Or maybe Chicago’s newest half marathon through the West Side. We have the list of every Chicago half marathon in 2022 and 2023. [...]

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Best Gifts For Runners

Gifts for runners

Finding the best gifts for runners can be tricky. Do they run half marathons or full marathons? Do they wear Nike or New Balance? Do they use a running watch or just a phone?  Fortunately, this article will help you with the common running gift categories and top running gifts for that special runner in [...]

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Best Half Marathons in the US in 2023

Best Half Marathons in the US in 2023 Thumbnail

Looking for the best half marathons in the US to run in 2023? Start with the factors that are important to you like distance and destination. Second, pick a date far enough into the future you’d be physically ready for a race for (you may need a training plan). Once both of those are figured [...]

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The Best Philadelphia Half Marathons

The Best Philadelphia Half Marathons Thumbnail

History buffs, movie buffs, sports buffs—all find common ground in Philadelphia. In this article, running buffs will find common ground in their love for a Philadelphia half marathon.  The City of Brotherly Love is where the Liberty Bell stands. It’s where the Declaration of Independence was signed. It’s also the backdrop to famous movies like [...]

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How To Create a Half Marathon Training Plan

half marathon training plan

So, you’ve made up your mind to run a half marathon…Congratulations!  Running a half marathon is something to be proud of. Less than 1% of the American population can claim they’ve completed one!  To ensure that you get the best possible outcome (which might just be finishing!), following a half marathon training plan is highly [...]

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Should I Run Everyday?

Should I run everyday

Training for a half or full marathon requires careful planning. Long-distance running demands strength training, stretching, proper running form, and consistent training.  As a result, novice and experienced runners often ask, “Should I run everyday?” Let’s take a look at the answer to that question as well as other related topics. How Many Days Per [...]

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Top Essentials for Runners

essentials for runners

If you’re a newcomer to running, you might think running only requires a pair of shoes and the right attitude. But if you ask any seasoned runner, they’ll tell you that you can get away with just a solid pair of running shoes, but you’re much better off with a few more essentials. Here’s a [...]

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How to Create a Marathon Diet Plan

marathon diet

Running a marathon is one of life’s greatest accomplishments that will take its toll on both your mind and body.  In preparation for any marathon, it’s important to plan a marathon diet leading up to, during, and after your race. This guide will help you put together a marathon nutrition plan to support your training [...]

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7 Things To Know About Buying Your First Running Shoes

7 Things To Know About Buying Your First Running Shoes Thumbnail

There’s more to buying running shoes than simply walking in a running store, trying a pair or two on, making your purchase and then moving on with your day. Here’s a few tips for anyone who’s new to the shoe-buying process: 1) Head to Your Local Running Store The sales associate should measure your feet, [...]

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The Best Holiday Half Marathons

The Best Holiday Half Marathons Thumbnail

Where has the year gone? It seems like just yesterday we were sitting down and writing our “2022 New Year’s Resolutions” to lose weight, read a book, and get more sleep. Over three hundred days later, we’re getting less sleep than ever and we promise we’re about to start reading The Da Vinci code, we [...]

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