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5 Takeaways from Peter Attia’s Conversation with Renowned Coach Olav Aleksander Bu

A banner showing key takeaways for runners from Dr. Peter Attia’s podcast interview with Coach Olav Aleksander Bu.

Medical expert in longevity, Peter Attia, M.D., interviewed sport scientist and triathlon coach Olav Aleksander Bu in a nearly three-hour long episode of his podcast The Drive that aired March 18, 2024.  Bu is the head of performance for Norway Triathlon and famously coaches both Olympic Champion Kristian Blummenfelt and two-time Ironman World Champion Gustav [...]

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The 15 Best Summer Marathons You Should Run in 2024

Runners in Grandma’s Marathon enjoying the summer weather.

The cold rains of spring are gone and have been replaced by bright sunny days and warm breezy nights. And while summer means getting outside as much as possible, for the running community, it’s often the quiet season between big spring and fall marathons that suck up a lot of the race oxygen. But June, [...]

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Your Physical and Mental Training Plan to Lose Weight via Running

running plan to lose weight 123

People take up running for all sorts of reasons, and it delivers a whole host of benefits from better mental health to feeling more empowered to an exciting new way to vacation around the world. But if you’re looking for a running plan to lose weight, the sport can indeed help you reach that goal, [...]

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The Best Kept Running Travel Secrets from Coddiwomple Travel CEO

The Best Kept Running Travel Secrets from Coddiwomple Travel CEO Thumbnail

For 23 years, Scott Guillemette was the man with the plan at Marathon Tours, a boutique travel company specifically catering to runners seeking to run some of the world’s most popular marathons including the New York City Marathon, London Marathon, Berlin Marathon, and even some further away like the Antarctica Marathon. Last year, Scott started [...]

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The 20 European Half Marathons Worth Traveling For

The 20 European Half Marathons Worth Traveling For Thumbnail

Bonjour les coureurs! Or as we say in America, hello runners! While there are hundreds of incredible half marathons in the U.S. each year, the world is wide and races are run annually on all seven continents. (Yes, there are marathons and halves in Antarctica.) European half marathons, in particular, are some of the best [...]

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Strength Training Will Help You Run Stronger, Faster Half Marathons

An infographic displaying lower body strength training for runners

We’re all looking to improve our race times, minimize the risk of injury, and feel stronger in our bodies — but many don’t realize the power behind leveling up your runs actually lies off the pavement. Strength training, for runners, builds all the supporting (and active) musculature you use when logging miles; building strength is [...]

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Hoka Mach 6: An Everyday Trainer Where Comfort Meets Performance

Our Hoka Mach 6 Review on fit and performance after running 20 miles in the shoe.

If you run daily, it can be hard to find a shoe that balances cushioning, weight, and stability. After testing the Hoka Mach 6 for review on a handful of long runs, I can confirm this shoe hits that sweet spot.  A former collegiate runner, I have been running recreationally for the last eight years, [...]

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The Cross-Training Every Runner Should Do for Less Impact and Lower Injury Risk

Cross training for runners

As runners, all of our training revolves around improving the cardiovascular system  — even slow runs. It’s the whole point of spending hours on the road hammering out miles. But for runners who are injury-prone or easily bored, that hammering gets old fast, even on slow runs. Trading some training miles for time on the bike, [...]

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Saucony Endorphin Speed 4 Review: A Snappy, Plated Super Trainer

Our writer testing the Saucony Endorphin Speed 4 for review on a gravel run.

I have been an avid runner for the last nine years, for most of which I’ve also worked in running retail and been a running gear tester and writer. In short: I have tested a lot of running shoes.  While I like a few Saucony models, I have not been a fan of the Endorphin [...]

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The Votes Are In: The 2024 Best Half Marathons in Every US State

The Votes Are In: The 2024 Best Half Marathons in Every US State Thumbnail

Three hundred and sixty five days a year, we study half marathons. While we wish we could run every single half marathon, it’s simply impossible to run the every half marathon in the United States. That’s why we launched this vote – The Best Half Marathons in the United States – to get feedback from [...]

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