10 Tried & Tested Running Essentials for Less Than $50

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1) EliteSport+ Waterproof SeatShield

This is actually handy most of the year, but it is especially nice to have when runs gets sweatier. The cover fits over the top of car seats much better than a towel and is made of a waterproof and odor-resistant fabric.

Starts at $29.95

2) Nathan QuickShot Plus

There are millions of different types of hydration systems out there (I currently use three different ones), but this is my favorite inexpensive bottle to have in the car for routes with water fountains. It is lightweight, can store gels and keys, and fits easily in either hand.

Starts at $9.95

3) Kafka Kool Ties

The Kool Tie contains a water absorbent polymer that once wetted, keeps the neck cool throughout the duration of a run. It fits around the scarf much like a bandana and is lightweight enough to be unobtrusive for long runs.

Starts at $13.00

4) Nuun Active

Easy to travel with and simple to use, Nuun Active is one of my favorite beverages of summer. I train and hydrate with it. The electrolytes help keep me going through hot runs without any sugar additives that often cause gut bombs.

Starts at $6.95

5) Headsweats Visor

Hats are too hot for me in the summer and headbands don’t give me any face protection from the sun. A visor is the perfect solution AND the Headsweats version helps to absorb a bit of sweat in the process.

Starts at $15.75

6) Misty Mate Cool Towel

I can stuff it in my pack for long runs or use it to wipe down after shorter runs. As soon as it gets wet, it starts the cooling process. Pro Tip: Leave it in your cooler for a super chilly treat when you finish.

Starts at $14.99

7) Igloo Cooler

Use frozen water bottles to line your cooler or cooler bag and fill it with popsicles, electrolyte drinks, and water. If you travel anywhere to run or race during the summer, this feels like a special treat after any run.

Starting at $27

8) Sport Sunscreen Lotion

There has been a lot of flack about buying the “correct” brand of sunscreen, but the main point is, use it. With exposed arms, legs, faces, and chests, this is the time of year to make sure you take the extra 2 minutes and apply. Your future self will thank you.

Starting at $24.95

9) Insect Repellent

(starting at $5.00) — Again, there are various debates about using formulas with various chemicals, but make sure you are using the version you feel comfortable with. I personally use OFF! Deep Woods spray because of the intensity of “friends” I meet on single track trails.

10) Ice Cream

I’m not saying eat it after every run, but there should be a few perks of slogging through the miles in the heat and humidity.

Starts at $4. As shown, pint of Ben & Jerry’s from Amazon comes in packages of 4 pints.

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