12 Great Gifts for Runners, From $1 to $250

© Syda Productions | Dreamstime.com

© Syda Productions | Dreamstime.com

1) Under $1: Wet n’ Wild Nail Polish. A dark splash of color is perfect for covering up black toenails. Shop at wnwbeauty.com

2) Under $5: Gu Energy Gels. Perfect for stockings or adornments on packages. guenergy.com

3) Under $10: Bondi Band Headband. With plenty of color options and American made, headbands are great for keeping ears warm and catching sweat. bondibands.com

4) Under $15: Balega Running Socks. The extra features and moisture-wicking fabric is worth every penny. balega.com

5) Under $20: SPIbelt. When there aren’t enough pockets, a SPIbelt is a comfortable way to haul the arsenal of supplies needed for a long run. spibelt.com

6) Under $30: Asics Calf Sleeves. Compression sleeves reduce muscle fatigue, enhance circulation, and ultimately make get you to the finish line faster. asicsamerica.com

7) Under $40: The North Face Running Glove. For cold climate runners, a luxurious running glove is a perfect indulgent gift. thenorthface.com

8) Under $50: Runningskirts Running Skirt. Designed by women who run, for women who run, these skirts are both colorful and comfortable. runningskirts.com

9) Under $75: Brooks Vest. Blocking both cold and wind, a well-made vest should be both breathable and water-resistant. brooksrunning.com

10) Under $100: Running Tights. While there are plenty of cheaper options, the gift of great running tights will last for so many more miles. shop.pearlizumi.com

11) Under $150: iPod Nano. For runners who need a little musical inspiration with each mile, the latest generation of the Nano stores plenty of songs and is incredibly lightweight. apple.com

12) Under $250: Garmin Forerunner 220. A GPS watch is a must-have gadget for any runner looking to decipher all kinds of pacing data. garmin.com

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