13 Thoughts a Runner Has Before a Race

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So you’ve put the training into a race, and you are ready to toe the line and set a PR. It doesn’t matter whether you are an elite, seasoned runner, or it’s your first race, we’ve all had inner thoughts at the start line!

We all know the training is done and the race is the victory lap but that doesn’t mean the nerves aren’t there.

Here are 13 thoughts you might find yourself thinking at the start of any race:

1) What am I doing here? It’s early. There are so many people. Why did I sign up for this?

2) Have I trained enough? I guess there is nothing more I can do. Have I trained too much? Did I taper right? Should I have tapered more? I guess I’m as ready as I’ll be.

3) Oh my gosh, is that an injury? What was that? Why does my calve already feel tight and sore? Did I just injure myself at the start?

4) What if I don’t PR? What if I take the race out too fast and bonk? What if I don’t take it out fast enough?

5) That person looks so fit. I’m definitely not that fit. I wonder how much they trained? Did they run more miles? I bet they have always been lucky to be in shape.

6) I think I should find a bathroom. I guess I need to go. It’s only my tenth time before the race? Is it phantom bathroom needs? Will I need to stop mid-race?

7) Ok yes, this will be painful. I can just feel the pain of the last mile.

8) Oh my gosh, it’s so darn hot. Why did I sign up for a summer race? I’m already sweating. Will I chafe? Maybe I’m already chafing.

9) I wonder what kind of swag we get at the end. Is there a good medal?

10) Oh my gosh, I haven’t prepared any good race faces for the race photographers. I’ll create an elaborate plan, only to be in too much pain to actually take good race photos. Why can’t they take my photo now?

11) Whoa, I could use a good burger. I wonder what I’ll have directly after the race to eat. Steak? Pizza? Cake? Bananas? I think there is a donut at home with my name on it.

12) I hope my family members and friends can find me on the course. Should I confirm where I’ll see them?

13) !!!! The gun went off. I guess it’s time to go. Here I come donut! Time to my make family, friends, and social media friends proud!

Let us know: What are some thoughts you have before a race?

Hollie Sick is an avid New Jersey-based runner who’s completed more than 40 half marathons. Read her blog, or follow her on Facebook.

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