14 Things Only Runners Understand

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Runners are a special breed complete with our own lingo and phrases. We also have many weird and distinct thoughts that many non-runners do not understand. It’s always fun to discuss these topics with other runners who “get it.”

So what are some unique things runners do?

We are always planning our next meal

Face it, running burns a lot of calories, and we are always deciding what our next meal will be. Most runners have been asked what they think about while running. The answer is food.

We own a lot more shoes

Before running, owning 10 pairs of casual shoes was common. Now that we run? We own all of our regular shoes and even more expensive running shoes. $100 for a typical pair of running shoes doesn’t even seem like a big deal but spending that much on dress shoes? Forget about it!

Pain helps us grow stronger

Many non-running friends will ask: Isn’t running uncomfortable? Well of course it is, you don’t get faster as a runner in your comfort zone. It’s that uncomfortableness that makes us grow!

We are always searching for a GPS signal

Sometimes it takes longer for our watches to connect than we use them to actually run. If you have ever seen a runner with their arm in the air, chances are they aren’t raising the roof.

Early mornings are better than late nights

Sorry we are going to bed around 10 pm (or earlier) on a weekend night. We would rather be pounding the pavement with our friends in the wee hours of a weekend morning. Plus running a long run hungover is one of the most miserable things you can do!

Finishing a run before your family and friends are awake

We will do anything to get our runs in. Even if that means waking up at the wee hours before the rest of the family is awake.


Enough said.

Race calendars are your computer homepage

It’s important to know which races are when. Who knows what interesting races could pop up.

We get the worst sleep the night before a race

How many runners sleep well the night before a big race? The chances are slim to none. If you do sleep well, share your secret!

BQ bragging rights

Once you qualify for the Boston Marathon, you are entitled to brag about it. The majority of runners know what a big deal qualifying for Boston is!

The taste of hot cocoa or coffee after a cold run

Any athlete can tell you the feeling of any hot beverage and just warming up after a freezing and bitter run is the best feeling in the world.

Tan lines

As runners, we used to be worried about bathing suit tan lines, but now we are more concerned about compression and watch lines.

Rest days are harder than workout days

Why are we so motivated to go for a 20-mile run, but asking us to take a rest day is tough?

We never see our non-running friends

It’s so easy to catch up and go for a long run with a running friend, but finding the time to go out with a non-running friend is much more challenging!

There are many more things only our running friends “get”

What are some other things only your running friends understand?

Hollie Sick is an avid runner who’s completed more than 30 half marathons. Read her blog, or follow her on Facebook.

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