4 Awesome Reasons You Should Run During the Holidays

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From Thanksgiving until New Years, fitting in a run can often be difficult. Often times, the last thing we want to do after working and holiday shopping is to run.

A little known fact is running during the holidays is actually one of the best times to stay active. It’s a change to the usual schedule and can even bring new motivation!

So why is running during the holiday season the best?

“Me time”

Let’s face it, often times the holidays are stressful. You have a lot of family and personality under one roof. Either you are traveling, or you have several people under your roof. Then you have cooking, cleaning to deal with too.

Running through the holidays gives you personal time to be alone with your own thoughts. It’s the worry-free time of the holidays.

So. Much. Food.

If you’re like me, then the holidays bring a lot of delicious food everywhere. Pie and cookies on the counter are a common occurance. There are some days that I fill up on sugar before eating a giant meal.

Generally during the holidays, I just want to eat everything. Running allows me to be hungry to eat more. While one cookie is always good, running and being hungry for two cookies is even better. That is the only time I will gladly accept runger!

More time off from work

Most people have more time off during the holiday season (As someone who works at a running retail store, I am not one of those people). This means you can run at different times or with different people.

Instead of having to run in the dark, there is the possibility of a luxurious 9 am start. Running would be a lot easier if you didn’t have work getting in the way. During the holidays you can meet up with different friends, running groups or group runs.

Even if the weather is bad, you can workout together with friends in the gym. Another great is idea is to check your local running store because many stores have themed group runs.

Fun races

Instead of a “normal” 5K, there are more fun and festive options.

  • Ugly sweater races?
  • Jingle Jogs?
  • Hot Chocolate races?

Chances are you’ve seen plenty of fun runs and races throughout the holiday season. Plus most areas have a New Years Day races too. If you are fortunate enough than your New Years Day might even start later so you can sleep in.

Racing during the Holidays can be a great opportunity to dress up and enjoy yourself. In the past, I’ve raced as pumpkin, turkey, a gingerbread man and even Santa.

Last year, I ran a New Years Day Race in the “night before formalwear” and PR’ed wearing a prom dress. Racing during the holidays can bring a whole new enjoyment to racing.

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