The 5 Most Awkward Running Forms (We’ve All Done)

© Uptall |

© Uptall |

Each of us has been one of these runners at least once in our lives, haven’t we?

1) The Shuffler

The shuffler creates a Doppler effect everywhere he goes. You can hear the entire footfall going and coming. It takes a lot of extra effort to cause that much friction with the ground. But the real question is why he doesn’t hear the atrocity himself?

2) The Shoulder Shrugger

Some runners fly loosely like gazelles with each stride, but the shoulder shrugger has his elbows up so high he looks like a tyrannosaurus rex. There is nothing that looks relaxed and comfortable in his upper body. His only saving grace is possibly his foot stride.

3) The Broken Windmill

One windmill blade follows the other in perfect rotation. Unless it has a broken blade. The broken windmill lands well enough, but the foot goes practically perpendicular after absorbing the ground. Avoid running near this type as you might get inadvertently clotheslined.

4) The Huncher

Looking occasionally at the ground to evade obstacles is pretty important while running. But rounded shoulders and eyes glued to the road is the way of life for the huncher. He might have taken that lean forward advice a little too far.

5) The Tiptoer

While there is all sorts of controversy regarding heel-striker versus midfoot-striker, no one seems to care too much about this rarity. But the tiptoer runs like a his heels have some sort of disdain for ever touching the ground. This creature usually has to-die-for calves.

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