6 Running Camps For Adults

© Jakub Cejpek | Dreamstime.com

© Jakub Cejpek | Dreamstime.com

Ever wanted to dig deeper with your fitness and learn how to become a better runner? Here’s six of the best running camps/weekends/retreats you can find around the country. If you know of ones we haven’t heard of, post a comment below and we’ll add it to our list.

1) ZAP Fitness Adult Running Camps

Located just outside of Blowing Rock, North Carolina, the ZAP fitness facility is home to a number of different camp offerings. From weekend mini camps to 5-day sessions, each running retreat is geared towards something a little different.

Runners have the opportunity to rub elbows with speakers like Bart Yasso, rack up miles on local trails, and attend classes on nutrition, strength training, etc. Prices range from $695 to $895 and include meals and lodging.

2) Craftsbury Running Camps

Runners of all ages and skill levels will find themselves at home in Vermont’s Craftsbury Running Camps. Most sessions are a week long and offer gait analysis, injury management, nutritional tips, and training plan workshops.

The days are structured to create a balance of running, cross-training, learning, and fun. Prices range from $394 to $1,348 and include meals and lodging.

3) McMillan Getaways

Greg McMillan and his staff offer a number of retreats located mostly in Arizona. The schedule includes running, specialized presentations, and activities designed to complement running.

Each retreat focuses on a core subject and the days are packed with plenty of sessions. Prices are $399 for a three-day weekend and often includes one group meal, but no lodging.

4) Jackson Hole Run Camp

Limited to 10 runners that can comfortably run for 2-3 hours, this camp is certainly not for everyone. Factor in the high elevation and mountainous terrain and the number of interested runners dwindles.

However, for those trail runners looking for a new challenge and a beautiful camp experience, this workshop developed by Eric Orton is one to put on the calendar. The three-day camp costs $899 and includes six meals, but no lodging.

5) Active At Altitude

Now heading into their seventh year, the Active At Altitude camps focus on helping women with both running and conditioning at altitude. Located in Estes Park, Colorado, the camp offers sessions based on 2 different ability levels — beginners and advanced.

In addition to running, campers will attend workshops, enjoy hikes, and work on a goal plan with a camp director. Prices range from $1,350 to $2,000 and include all meals and lodging.

6) Jeff Galloway Running Retreats

Former U.S. Olympic team member, running store owner and author Jeff Galloway — who also will kick off his own half marathon in December 2014 — hosts weekend retreats throughout the year for runners at all levels of training, everywhere from Florida’s Blue Mountain Beach and Carmel, California, to Athens, Greece and Rome, Italy.

Prices range from $324 for the weekend retreats in Florida, to $895 for the Carmel retreat, to about $2,700 for the 12-day summer retreat in Olympia, Greece.

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  • Trainer September 24, 2020, 3:58 am

    If you’re in a running rut or looking to rediscover yourself through running or just want a little “me time,” the following running camps and retreats will help you find what you’re looking for. Adult runners of all levels can experience running in an African safari type of environment without having to leave the country. This five-day retreat is hosted at the White Oak Conservation Center in Florida, a 700-acre land preservation home to some of Africa’s most endangered species. Runners will have access to 25 miles of the center’s dirt roads and receive guidance from Coach Roy Benson, whose program develops personalized training plans for an upcoming goal race using his Effort Based Training method. Also, campers go on a group wildlife tour of the grounds.

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