5 Running Safety Tools You Need To Be Using

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There is no way to be 100% safe while running, but there are plenty of tools to help in all kinds of situations. A few extra precautions can prevent injury or worse.

1) Road ID

This is the most popular brand of bracelet that identifies you in the event of a disastrous injury. These bracelets contain your information and emergency contact as well as any other pertinent information a medical care provider might need to know. They are extremely lightweight, come in a variety of colors, and are relatively inexpensive.

2) Reflective vest

If you run in an area with car traffic, this is a must during dark hours. It is a great idea to wear one even during daylight as the color is easier to spot. There are plenty of choices in the market that fit all shapes and sizes of runners comfortably.

3) Mace

Unfortunately most runners do not carry this until they hear of another story of a runner being attacked. Small canisters can be found for under $10 and while not foolproof during an attack, they offer an extra layer of protection.

4) Mobile phone

For runners that are in low traffic areas, bringing a cell phone along for your run is a smart idea. Hopefully you’ll only ever need it to take selfies, but you’ll be glad you brought it if you ever have the need to dial 911 on the run.

5) Running buddy

A runner friend is not just an instant form of entertainment, he/she is also helpful in precarious situations. From seeking help if you are injured to deterring an attacker by being stronger in number, a buddy is one of the best safety tools you can bring.

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