5 Things You Should Know About Running In Costume

There may be a reason she doesn't look so happy. (Photo © Bokicai | Dreamstime.com)

There may be a reason these runners don’t look so happy. (Photo © Bokicai | Dreamstime.com)

1) Choose something comfortable

It seems fairly obvious, but fabric choice is key. Scratchy tulle or non-breathable polyester are annoying without sweat. They become unbearable when coupled with activity. Stick to materials that are pleasant to wear even while lounging on the sofa.

2) Consider the weather

The fuzzy chicken costume might feel cozy in Minnesota in January, but is probably not the right choice for a summer 5K. Wind can wreak havoc on angel wings and capes — the last thing a runner wants is extra drag.

3) Be prepared to chat

Chances are, you probably aren’t incredibly shy if you are wearing a costume. But you might be surprised by the amount of fellow runners and spectators that want to gab before, during, and after the race. Enjoy it!

4) Accessorize carefully

Some costumes are better with a sword, but carrying one for miles? Depending on the length of the race, accessories can become incredibly cumbersome. Look for things that are lightweight and wearable whenever possible.

5) Do a test run

Run at least a mile as close to race pace as possible in your costume. You’ll discover if something is too tight, too loose, or is just plain un-runnable. Don’t worry, your neighbors already know you’re weird.

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