5 Things That Make the Boston Marathon An Unforgettable Race

© Marcio Silva | Dreamstime.com

© Marcio Silva | Dreamstime.com

1) The atmosphere

There is no city to compare to when it comes to doing a marathon weekend right. Locals welcome runners in hotels, stores, restaurants, and along the street. Even if they know nothing about running itself, they recognize the achievement of running in the Boston Marathon. Consider yourself “warned” about the incredibly warm welcome.

2) The organization

From preparatory emails to bib pick-up, the ebb and flow of getting 30,000 people from Hopkinton to Boylston Street is amazingly smooth. Yes, it can get crowded and congested throughout all aspects, but it is never chaotic. Officials and volunteers make lines, announcements, and all communication perfectly clear and easy to navigate.

3) The camaraderie

It seems pretty obvious that 30,000 people involved in the same sport might get along pretty well. But there is no greater competition that athletes wish each other same success as they want for themselves. They want their fellow competitor to push hard and do their best. Words of encouragement begin well before the starting gun and continue to the finish line.

4) The jacket

Upon learning the many traditions associated with the Boston Marathon, buying the expensive jacket was mentioned more than once to me. But after visiting, it is clear as to why. Some humbler runners make keep their accomplishments to themselves, but the jacket is as good as wearing a medal after the race.

It signifies not only qualifying to race in Boston, but completing the marathon itself. Runners wear jackets from previous years as badges of honor-a tradition that distinguishes runners with multiple Boston Marathons in their resume.

5) The spectators

Much like the Grand Canyon or the Alaskan landscape, a picture does the Boston spectators little justice. To hear the roar of Ashland, the high-pitched screams of Wellesley, or the deafening octaves of Boston College in personal is unparallel. The spectators are lined up for 26.2 miles and get increasingly loud throughout the course. The final mile is the most incredible experience an amateur runner can imagine.

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