5 Tips For Beginners To Make Running a Habit

 © Wavebreakmedia Ltd | Dreamstime.com

© Wavebreakmedia Ltd | Dreamstime.com

You’ll reap the biggest benefits from running if you can make it habit — ideally for a lifetime. Here’s how you can start incorporating running into your life and keep it there:

1) Start slowly

Trying to run for too long, too frequently can be extremely discouraging if you are a beginner. Set small, manageable goals that allow for you to increase your time and frequency. Allow for a few missteps and readjust your plan as your body adapts. You can always add more time or miles if it feels easy.

2) Register for a race

It’s far easier to stay on track when you have a finish line to aim for. Signing up for a race creates a purpose for running and makes it harder to skip workouts when there is an ultimate goal. To really get motivated, choose a charity to raise money for and make a donation upon completion of the race.

3) Find support

Seek out support of a local running group through a local running store or athletic club. Don’t let your beginner status scare you away from finding running buddies.

Most groups encourage all levels to join and run as much as they can. Introverts can find support through social media groups and running websites. Creating a camaraderie is an easy way to become accountable.

4) Reward yourself

Designate a few treats for yourself along the way. A new song download for every 10 miles? A new pair of running shoes for 3 months of consistency? A sports massage for reaching 100 miles?

5) Plan ahead

Know your potential setbacks. If you struggle to find the extra time in your day, make running an appointment on your calendar. Have a back-up plan for days that might be iffy.

Compromise on things that are important (work, family) and stay strong on thing that are not (screen time, etc.)

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