5 Ways Runners Can Beat the Heat This Summer

© Uptall | Dreamstime.com

© Uptall | Dreamstime.com

1) Run slower

When the temps rise, don’t expect to keep getting the same results with the same effort. Every runner is different, but generally speaking, expect to run 20 to 30 seconds slower per mile for every 5 degrees when the temperature rises above about 60°F.

If you’re in the midst of a training program, use a heart rate monitor instead of pace to gauge effort. This will help keep your training honest as well as keeping you from overdoing it.

2) Get watered down

Not only is it crucial to hydrate during the run, but staying hydrated before and after is key as well. Keep extra water bottles tucked in the car and at work to remind yourself to stay on top of thirst.

If you are a salty sweater or it is particularly warm, make sure you intake electrolytes. There are plenty of low or no sugar options on the market if excess sugar gives you tummy troubles.

3) Chill out

There are plenty of great tricks for lowering your temperature. Freeze your water bottles before a run or stick your hat in the freezer.

Turn the air conditioner on full blast before running (if driving beforehand) or douse your upper half in water before or during the run-just watch out for chafing if you get excessively soaked.

4) Seek shade

Running in the early morning or late evening is ideal for running in the summer heat. Not only will you feel better, but running will be easier if you can avoid the midday sun. But if daytime running is your only option, look for routes that provide plenty of tree cover and away from asphalt.

5) Double up

Running twice per day might be too much for beginners, but runners at all levels can benefit from doubles during the summer. Though it’s best to keep long runs long, it can help to break up recovery or easy runs.

A 5-miler suddenly seems a lot more doable if it is a 3-miler in the morning and just two miles in the evening. The only downside is all the extra laundry and (cold?) showers!

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