6 ‘Intergalactic’ Half Marathons

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Tickets for the newest Star Wars movie went on sale last week. And while fans will get their fix in December in the theaters, they will have to wait another 18 months before Episode VIII is released.

In the meantime, runners can release a little bit of their pent up frustration with a space themed half marathon.

1) Space Coast Half Marathon

Held within the shadow of the Kennedy Space Station in Cocoa Beach, Florida, this half marathon embraces the space theme like no other. From a space shuttle countdown at the start line to awesome rocket ship medals at the finish, runners will have a blast for 13.1 miles.

Late November • Race info & signup »

2) Star Wars Half Marathon

This latest Disney series race is likely an early sellout for years to come. Runners can choose to run for the dark or run for the light, but all must complete 13.1 miles in order to earn their finisher medal. With a course beginning in Epcot and finishing at the ESPN Wide World of Sports, this is not a race to be missed!

Mid January • Race info & signup »

3) Willie McCool Half Marathon

With the Silent Wings Museum as a backdrop, runners are reminded that they are just a small part of the incredible universe. Willie McCool was a Coronado High School graduate in Lubbock, Texas and happened to be the pilot of the Space Shuttle Columbia which was destroyed on re-entry in 2003. He also loved running and this race is one of the many ways his legacy is kept alive.

Early April • Race info & signup »

4) Area 13.1 Half Marathon

Aliens in space are one thing, but when they invade the Earth, all that distance running becomes quite useful. This evening race starts at 7:00 p.m. and runners will have 3 1/2 hours to escape the invasion. All racers should come prepared with a headlamp as it can get as dark as deep space out there.

Late August • Race info & signup »

5) E.T. Full Moon Midnight Half Marathon

In 1996, the federal government dubbed a stretch of Highway 375 the “Extraterrestrial Highway” due to frequent reported UFO sightings. Located on the outskirts of Area 51, this desert half marathon starts at 12:30 a.m. to keep temperatures more reasonable and eeriness even weirder.

Late August • Race info & signup »

6) The Martian Half Marathon

The flat and fast course of the Martian Half Marathon is a good test of discovering which planet has the faster runners. Earth or Mars? It takes Mars almost twice as long to orbit the sun as Earth, but we earthlings are bound by so much more gravity. Only you can determine who will prevail in this classic battle of human versus alien.

Early April • Race info & signup »

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