7 Things Runners Love About Fall

© Lightpoet | Dreamstime.com

© Lightpoet | Dreamstime.com

Everyone’s favorite time of the year to run starts officially on Sept. 23, the autumnal equinox. Here’s why we love the fall:

1) The weather

Okay, this is obvious, but has to be included. After months of sweating profusely under the oppressive heat and humidity of summer, the cooler temperatures are a welcome relief. Also, every runner is faster. A 10 minute mile in July is easily an 8:30 minute mile in October.

2) Football season is here

Wait, what? Let me explain. Most runners do their long runs on weekends. Runners want to lie on the sofa after long runs for extended periods of time (re: rest of the day). Weekend television is the pits except in the fall where hours of endless football awaits lazy runners. Saturday or Sunday, choose your poison.

3) Hydration break

Staying hydrated during summer runs is a chore unto itself. It’s a constant battle of bringing enough versus being weighed down. Fall is a welcome relief as temperatures drop along with the Sherpa-like hydration systems.

4) Regaining the streets

The summer runners hang up their shoes until next year. Those pounding the pavement in search of beach bodies are often discouraged when the weather dictates more pants and less skirts. No more dodging the guy in the aluminum foil sweat suit, the sidewalk is yours once again.

5) Scenery change

Even runners with multiple routes can use a change of scenery every once in awhile. Fall is beautiful in many parts of the northern hemisphere with color-changing foliage and pathways full of crunchy leaves.

6) Wardrobe update

That long-sleeved tech shirt purchased at the end of winter last year is dying to come out and play. After months of tanks and shorts, it’s a novel concept to break out the cooler weather gear.

7) Fall racing

In addition to hundreds of small town races that take place in the fall, there are many big-name running events to get runners excited. The Fifth Avenue Mile, Chicago and New York City Marathons, and Nike Women’s San Francisco Half Marathon.

And while national news coverage is light in the sport of running, social media has brought these great fall races to life for those not in attendance.

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