8 Reasons Why Running Is Fun (Really!)


I didn’t always like running. In fact, until 2010 I actually hated the sport of running and never once went on a run “for fun.” I grew up as a competitive swimmer and the thought of running miles and miles overwhelmed me. So I didn’t.

Times have certainly changed and I’ve met countless friends and even my husband through running! In honor of my eight-year running anniversary, I found eight reasons I love running.


I’ve met so many close friends through the sport of running. I met some of my best friends through local road races or even the online community! The running community is full of friendly, exciting, and unique people.

People come from all walks of life and without social media and the sport, I wouldn’t have met every single person. We all have one common interest: running.

Family time

I met my husband through running. Yes, I am lucky! We already started off with one thing in common. Some of our earliest dates were going out for a run through our college town. Now we still go out for runs together, and it’s nice to share that common interest with him.

We don’t run each run together, and when race time comes we do our own thing. However, it’s occasionally nice to share early morning runs with him. I see many families that run together pushing a double stroller!

The challenge of it

During high school and college, I had academic challenge. Out of school, it can be tough to find something that challenges and pushes you to be better. For me, running is a challenge to better yourself.

Racing is great because there is always another race, or another challenge to get better. Once you obtain one PR, you want to continue to PR! It doesn’t matter whether you are running your longest run or looking for a PR. Challenging yourself and working towards a goal is part of the fun!

Good vibes

A good run or good workout can turn my mood around. When I’m having a bad day, sometimes just getting out there is enough to change my mood.

Being someone who suffered from anxiety and depression through college, I found that running greatly lifts my mood. It’s not a complete fix, but whether I am sad, angry or frustrated, running improves my mood.


It seems backwards but when I run in the morning, I find I have far more energy to go through my day. When I sleep-in and save my run for another time, I don’t feel as energized in the morning.

Me time

When I’m running alone, it’s a time for me to think. Typically I run in the morning, and it’s a way for me to process thoughts and emotions. Even think about things I need to do throughout the day or just be alone. We all need dedicated time that is just “for you.”


Running is one of the cheaper healthy habits and exercises to do. All you need is a pair of running shoes and the world is yours. You don’t need a gym to run, you don’t need a pool, expensive bike, or even a league. You just need yourself.

It’s hard to find many sports and healthy habits that are as easy or cheap as running. While yes, running can get expensive, the core of running is not.


At the end of the day, running is fun. Not every run is going to be fun or enjoyable but running definitely brings me more joy than not. It’s hard to find a hobby or sport that can now replace that.

Let us know: Why do you enjoy running?

Hollie Sick is an avid runner who’s completed more than 40 half marathons. Read her blog, or follow her on Facebook.

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