The Best Los Angeles Half Marathons

LA, baby. When the sun shines nearly every day of the year, there’s zero need for a gym membership, and Mother Nature is the ultimate trainer. We rounded up over ten half marathons Los Angeles, from beaches to mountains, parks, and more below. Get ready. Get set. Become one with the City of Angels. 

OC Marathon & Half Marathon

There’s no wonder the OC Marathon is the host of the Road Runner’s Club of America Championship race – it’s gorgeous. A hot contender for the most scenic course in Southern California (and maybe the country), that unfolds through the coastal communities of Newport Beach and Costa Mesa. With over 10,000 participants, runners will make their way through the picturesque visuals of the Pacific Coastal Highway, Corona del Mar State Beach, Beacon Bay, and Upper Newport Bay. While the race is an hour away from Los Angeles, the race is such a standout, it makes the top of our list.

May 7, 2023 | Race info & signup

Los Angeles Marathon & Half Marathon

Promote a healthier world by signing up for this marathon or half marathon, hosted by ACSIS and presented by The McCourt Foundation — which aims to help those with neurological conditions.

The run gets its start at Dodger Stadium and finishes at Avenue of the Stars in Century City. The full course takes you through famed historical areas such as Rodeo Drive, which has been famously featured in flicks such as “Clueless,” among many others. 

Make sure to stay for the Finish Festival, which includes live entertainment, a beer garden presented by Heiniken 0.0, and recovery activities. This is one of the most popular marathon and half marathon in Los Angeles.

March 19, 2023 | Race info & signup

Rose Bowl Half Marathon

Getting its start at the well-known Rose Bowl, this race promises an unforgettable experience. Did you know that this location — dubbed “The Grandaddy of Them All” — is the oldest currently operating bowl game, having first been played at the turn of the 1900s? 

Runners will trapeze through the streets of Pasadena and take in sights such as Colorado Street Bridge, Old Town Pasadena, and CalTech University.

Tip: The first three miles of the race is said to be the most challenging, due to hills and the “California Climb” on the second mile, so be sure to pace yourself. Once runners get to Orange Blvd., the course is relatively flat until coming up on mile nine. 

January 21, 2024 | Race info & signup

Surf City Marathon & Half Marathon

As the Beach Boys once (or many times) said, “Let’s go surfing now. Everybody’s learning how, Come on on safari with me.” While we’re not entirely sure if they were talking about Surf City in particular, one thing is for certain: this run is one of the most scenic in the entire country. 

Its award-winning track features a primarily flat run and gets it start along the Pacific Coast Highway, passing next to the Huntington Beach Pier. 

If that wasn’t a perk enough, extra perks include: tote bags, medals, a complimentary beer and ice cream, and more.

February 5, 2023 | Race info & signup

Griffith Park Half Marathon & 5k

Benefitting Los Angeles Parks, this race first takes place at the Griffith Park Merry Go-Round, before circling around Griffith Park, the Los Angeles Zoo, the Southern Railroad, and Amir’s Garden. 

The course layout itself consists of the first four miles being flat, before shifting into rolling hills, and then coming back to a flatter surface. 

The LA Parks Foundation has raised over $42 million, being used to diversify ecological projects in the area. Griffith Park is home to a more than one half marathon in Los Angeles.

February 5, 2023 | Race info & signup

Malibu Half Marathon

Zoom on down to Zuma Beach for a race like any other. For the 14th year, the Malibu Half Marathon allows runners to take a jaunt down the Pacific Coast Highway and Malibu in general. 

#RunBeautiful and soak in the majestic sights of crashing waves, beachgoers, pacific wildlife, and more. 

The race begins at Zuma Beach — which is known around the world for its surfing and other water activity adventures – and is said to be completed in under four hours (18-minutes per mile). 

November 4, 5, 2023 | Race info & signup

Run Hollywood Half Marathon 10K & 5K 

Ever want to see your name on a Hollywood Star? Would you settle for a sneaker instead? As the only running event to take place in Hollywood, runners have a chance to bask in the magic of Tinseltown and take in the views of famous icons such as the Hollywood sign, Melrose Avenue, and Capitol Records. 

If that wasn’t enough of a draw, racers will receive a red-carpet packet pick up, and a post-race celebration fit for the city’s well-known stars. 

October 15, 2023 | Race info & signup

Griffith Park Trail Marathon 50k & Half Marathon

Set in the heart of the historic Griffith Park, runners will absorb views of LA’s nature in one of the largest municipal parks in the urban wilderness, in the country. 

The course profiles and aid stations include Joe Klass, Bird Sanctuary, Mineral Wells, and more. The race trail starts flat before turning into the Skyline Trail, where runners will go for 300 feet via a climb. 

Fun fact: The park has an extensive horse and fire road trail system. 

March 11, 2023 | Race info & signup

The Griffith Park Resolution half marathon in Los Angeles.

Griffith Park Resolution Run Half Marathon 12k & 5k

While we’re waiting with baited breath for 2024, this year (2023) was the inaugural year for this run, which took place in Griffith Park, in the heart of the City of Angels. Runners all over the city rang in the new year with a trail run in the historic park.

Tips: Mile three is all downhill and four through seven is quick and fast. The race also features free coffee to runners.  

The trail itself is composed of 90% on-trail, with 10% asphalt and starts near Merry Go Round on Fire Road. What’s so interesting about this starting place? Built in 1926, the ride features 68-ornate and detailed horses and was custom built. 

January 7, 2023 | Race info & signup

Great Race of Agoura Hills

For 38 years, runners have been racing along one of the greatest races (aka, the Great Race) in Agoura Hills – located off the foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains. 

To no one’s real surprise, this race has received numerous awards and accolades throughout the years such as being selected as a Top 10K in U.S. by Runner’s World, the Best Race Swag by Competitor Magazine, the Best Post-Race Party by LA Sports & Fitness Magazine, and the Best Post-Race Party by 

The course itself takes place along the mountains and weaves through horse country in Old Agoura. FYI: The start is atop a hill, so make sure you give yourself an ample amount of time to walk upwards. This half marathon in Los Angeles does the best to take advantage of the altitude of the nearby hills.

April 1, 2023 | Race info & signup


Long Beach Marathon & Half Marathon

Fact: For 90% of this course, you’ll be able to spot views of the Pacific Ocean, and no, we’re not bluffing. With the highest point of the race at 45 feet in elevation, the end of the race is all downhill. 

The race passes through the new Pike at Shoreline Village and crosses through the Queensway Bridge. For those wanting to hit a triad, you can can also combine a bike tour and +5K onto your run.  

October 15, 2023 | Race info & signup

Santa Barbara Wine Country Half Marathon

If you’re looking for a run-cation, look no further. Run. Sip. Repeat. That’s what you can expect at the Santa Barbara Wine Country Half Marathon. Located in the historic Danish town of Solvang, the race takes you through the city and ends with a wine festival. 

Surrounded by vineyards, runners will breeze through the Santa Ynez Valley, along the beautiful Sierra Madre Mountains. Throughout the run, you may even catch scents of fruit orchards and lavender farms. 

The first half of the race is mostly an uphill climb, while leg two is mostly downhill. The time limit is 3.5 hours. 

May 13, 2023 | Race info & signup

Finish the Run Griffith Park Half Marathon 10k & 5k

Calling all cyclists, walkers, runners, and others. That’s right, this race isn’t primarily for runners, but is a movement for safety in California. 

The mission behind SAFE (Streets Are For Everyone) is to improve the quality of life for pedalists and walkability and run-ability. 

Not only will this race feature a safety expo, but also will include food trucks, drinks, free swag from sponsors, and more. 

June 10, 2023 | Race info & signup

Which half marathon in Los Angeles is most popular?

The Los Angeles Marathon hosts the most runners for the full and the half marathon.

Which half marathon in Los Angeles is the most scenic?

The OC Marathon in Orange County is widely acclaimed as one of the most beautiful half marathons in the country.

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