How Do You Know You’re Ready to Run a Half Marathon?



Are you ready to train for a half marathon? As the summer starts and people have more free time, many people want to try something new.

With the extra free time, many people look to train for a new race and longer distance. Training for a marathon in the middle of the summer can be both hot and overwhelming.

That’s why the half marathon is the perfect balance of distance and speed. You are able to train for the distance without sacrificing time at the beach or with your family.

It’s a fun distance for any age and who knows, you might even get your family involved in your training.

So now you’ve decided to want to train for the half marathon. How do you know you’re ready? Half marathons take a lot of time, effort and dedication.

Here are five things to consider:

1) You’ve done shorter distances

You’ve already trained for other distances like the 5k or 10k. Now you want a new challenge to conquer. The half marathon provides the perfect amount of balance between training and also having the time for a social life too.

2) You have the time to train!

Training for a half marathon can take time. Some weekends might take an hour or two dedicated to just running. What many people don’t realize is the social life that training could give you.

On any given weekend, it could take two hours to run and then possibly another 1-2 hours at a coffee shop or eating brunch. Suddenly you have several new running friends that turn your 2 hour run into a 5-hour social event.

3) You’re injury free and mentally ready

This is one of the most important aspects, if not the most important part. It’s never a good idea to start training for anything with a nagging ache or pain. Start each training cycle physically and mentally fresh.

Nagging injuries can only get worse as your mileage increases. If you start a training cycle mentally exhausted, you can find yourself even more exhausted as the training cycle progresses.

4) You have the means to invest in a good pair of shoes and clothing

If you plan to begin running any distance, it’s important to have the right type of shoes for your feet. Keep in mind there is no right or wrong pair of shoes, but an expert at a local running store will be able to fit you into an appropriate pair.

Without a proper running shoe, you are much more susceptible to an injury in the knees or even shin splints. Running is not the most expensive sport, nor is it the cheapest, but running shoes are the most important piece of gear you can will own.

5) You’re bored!

Maybe you’re burnt out from the gym or your last hobby. Maybe you’re tired of the long runs from marathon training or you’re bored running 5ks. Whatever the reason, you have a lot of extra time on your hands and you want to use it up. Training for a half is the perfect excuse!

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