11 Photos of Arkansas’ Spa Running Festival Summit Challenge Half Marathon

Runners can expect to climb more than 500 feet from the start to the summit of West Mountain inside Hot Springs National Park when they run the Spa Running Festival Summit Challenge Half Marathon, which is set for its inaugural running on the Saturday before Thanksgiving in November 2015.

Spa 10k Start #3

Runners start and finish the race in downtown Hot Springs, and from there head into the nearby national park, which is the oldest unit in America’s National Park Service — it predates the founding of Yellowstone National Park by about 40 years.

Spa 10k West Mtn Drive

Much of the race unfolds along park mountain roads just like these, and the late November running means you can expect plentiful fall foliage and cool temperatures.

Spa 10K Top of West Mtn

The highlight of the race is the stretch in the first half up to the summit of West Mountain, a climb of more than 500 feet. If you enjoy it, you’re in luck — you’ll get to do it again, as runners will descend the mountain and head back into Hot Springs, and then travel up the mountain again along West Mountain Summit Drive.

Spa 10k Down West Mtn


Bib & Mountain Picture


Spa 10K West Mountain Drive Entrance


Spa 10K Group Off West Mtn


Spa 10K West Mtn B4 Hill


Spa 10K Finish Tutus #6


Whittington Park



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