What We’re All Really Thinking at the Running Store

© Uptall | Dreamstime.com

© Uptall | Dreamstime.com

It happens to the best of us. Our running is going well, we are staying active and avoiding spending *too much* on the sport we love. Then it happens. Slowly but sure, I’ll running shoes don’t feel as great.

We know we need to go into the running store and get new shoes. After kicking and screaming, we finally find the time to get there.

If you’re anything like me, you might spend a few days wishfully thinking you didn’t have to buy new shoes. Unfortunately, with the nature of the sport, you’ll need new shoes eventually.

So what do you think about during that time period of going to the running store?


So today I must purchase new shoes. My knees hurt, my ankles hurt…everything hurts. I know running shoes are only supposed to last 400 miles, and I’ve run 1000 but maybe a few more miles. That’s okay right?

One step into the next run… nope I need a new pair of shoes. I cannot argue this any longer.

At the store:

I’m just going to go with old faithful. I’ve run through 5 pairs of these babies and have been successful. I will ignore all of the colors, all of the clothing and everything in the store. Al I need are my running shoes, and I’m out of here.

Oh my, that apparel is so pretty. I would look so good in that… and that. and that…

Wow, I think I said I needed socks too. Good thing there are so many options!

No, eyes on the shoes. That’s all I need are shoes.

Salesperson: “How many help you?”

Me: “I just need the updated version of my shoe.”

Salesperson: “Would you like to try similar models too?”

Me: “Nah… well… um… yeah okay.”

Trying on shoes:

This feels good.

This also feels good.

All three of these shoes feel as good as my original pair!

Oh no, I like all of these shoes you have brought out. Too many decisions. Well, maybe I can buy the cheapest ones. Oh, they are all the same price? UGH.

OKAY, I’m going to try something new. I’ve made my decision, and now I can go try them out later. I feel like 1 million bucks…now if only I had a million bucks to spend on more shoes.
I guess I’ll look around at other things to compliment my new shoes.

I don’t want to buy this top…I’m just going to try it on.

Great, now it looks good at me. I guess I’ll buy that too.

Well, I can’t have a new top without new pants.

Do I want shorts? Capris? Leggings?

I’ll just try on all three and decide which looks good. Well, it’s not my fault I’ve been putting in the mileage, and they all look good. I might as well as buy these too.

I’ll just leave these in the front. So shoes, top, shorts, capris and leggings… What else could I possibly need?

I’ll look at socks too. I need a pair of thin socks and a pair of thick socks. Okay.

Should I look at watches? I don’t need a new one but I mean it’s nice to “just have”. What kind of updates have the watches made? Oh wow, it counts steps too. Heart rate? Steps?

Even swimming laps?

Wait, I don’t like swimming. That helps make that decision.

Okay I don’t need a new watch. I am saving so much money! Stay strong and head to the checkout. I’ll just add this magnet too.

Salesperson: All set?

Me: Groan… ugh yes, I guess so.

So shoes, top, shorts, capris, leggings and the magnet?

Me: Groan…yes…ugh add the GU too.

Salesperson: So your total is $412.

Me: Okay let’s pay some cash, some on my credit card and I’ll put this $50 on my husband’s credit card…he’ll be so proud. Little does he know (chuckle).

Leaving the store:

I feel ready to accomplish this next run.

Oh I don’t want to forget to check out the local races. Let me just grab all of these brochures; I’ll have to sign up for all of these too.

Hollie Sick is a New Jersey-based runner and blogger who has completed nearly 30 half marathons. Learn more about Hollie at her blog, or follow her on Twitter.

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