10 Marathons You Can Run For $50 or Less



1) Eugene Curnow Trail Marathon • Duluth, MN

With a starting entry fee of $35, this point-to-point course gives runners plenty of bang for their buck. The race is named for a renowned local trail and ultrarunner, Eugene Curnow who helped to grow and develop the Minnesota Voyageur 50 Mile race.

Runners participating in the marathon will travel through 26.2 miles of the 50 mile course. If you volunteer during the 50 mile race, you can score an entry to the marathon for just $10.

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2) Northern Trails Marathon • Greensboro, NC

An early bird entry fee is just $45 for this low frills trail race. Runners will race a lollipop style course that circles portions of Lake Townsend. 70% of the race is on a hiking trail and 30% is on a mountain bike trail and those covering 100% of the distance will receive a finisher’s medal along with post-race food and beverages.

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3) Rocky Face Marathon • Hiddenite, NC

For just $30 runners can scramble over up and down the trails surrounding Rocky Face Mountain. The course consists of 4 loops and any runner able to complete the marathon distance in less than 4 hours will be refunded their race entry fee. Add $10 if you want a t-shirt.

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4) Jackal Trail Marathons • Jackson, TN

Three of the 5 marathons offered during this event start at $50, the Asphalt, Dragonfly, and Native. The Asphalt and Dragonfly courses are paved and consist of 2.9 mile loops in Pinson Mounds State Park. The Native course is a 2.65-mile loop with a total of 2880’ feet of elevation gain/loss. 1 t-shirt and medal are included in the entry fee.

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5) Gandy Dancer Trail Marathon • Luck, WI

Advertised as a flat and fast trail course, this race starts at $50. More than 9% of finishers in 2015 and 13.2% of finisher ins 2014 qualified for the Boston Marathon. Held on a limestone surface, the course is an out-and-back style course that crosses the start/finish area mid-race. There is no time limit and early starts can be accommodated with approval from the race director.

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6) Triple Lakes Trail Marathon • Greensboro, NC

With an 8 hour time limit and a starting entry fee of $50, this trail marathon is for any runner who can handle the hills. It is a loop style course with plenty of elevation gain all around Lake Brandt. T-shirts and medals are included with the entry fee.

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7) Lake Chabot Trail Marathon • Castro Valley, CA

Starting at $45, the marathon distance of this race series offers runners plenty of variety with hills, asphalt, dirt roads, and single track. Featuring 2420’ of elevation gain, racers should include plenty of hill work in their training. The 2 loop course circumnavigates Lake Chabot and starts/finishes at the Lake Chabot Marina.

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8) Oh Boy Marathon • Westbury, CT

Runners looking for a great marathon deal in Connecticut need to check out the Oh Boy Marathon for just $50. Featuring 2 mile loops run 6.5 times, this asphalt/concrete course is great for spectating. With 600 marathons to his name, race director Gene De Fronzo knows how to produce an event full of running, food, and fun.

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9) We Walk! Marathon • St. Joseph, MN

This event was designed for walkers and is a bargain with a beginning entry fee of $50. The point-to-point course begins in Melrose and covers an old railroad bed heading east until reaching St. Joseph. Each participant is categorized into racewalk, walk, mix (walk/run), and Nordic pole walk for results purposes.

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10) Mystery Mountain Marathon • Chatsworth, GA

With 15,000 feet of elevation change, this marathon will be sure to give you your $50 worth. Runners will travel on mountain bike trails, horse trails, and hiking trails throughout their adventure on and around Fort Mountain.

The race is named for an 855-ft. wall atop Fort Mountain believed to have been constructed in 500 A.D. by Native Americans for either religious or fortification purposes.

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  • Jim Chaney August 2, 2016, 12:59 pm

    We are a Spring Marathon at a price of $50.00
    Watch for our special $26.20 weekends!

    • Christina Williams August 11, 2016, 8:43 am

      How do I get to know when the price drops

  • Jim Chaney August 2, 2016, 12:58 pm

    We offer a $50 Marathon….and on certain weekends during the Fall…the price drops to $26.20 for the Full Marathon!

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