The Best lululemon Running Gear Money Can Buy

Founded in 1998, lululemon took the fitness apparel world by storm. For the first time, the word “athleisure” entered the English language. It became fashionable to wear technical workout apparel for every day tasks. Since then, lululemon has expanded their expertise. In February 2023, signed a sponsorship deal with ultrarunner Camille Herron. Camille currently holds the women’s ultrarunning records for greatest distance traveled in 12-hours (93 miles) and 24-hours (168 miles). With this, we anticipate lululemon running gear for women and men to get a lot more popular. Here’s the best lululemon for running gear out today for yourself or as a gift for that special runner friend.

Best lululemon Running Jacket

Another Mile Jacket for Women - lululemon running gear for outdoors

Another Mile Jacket for Women

Running jackets are difficult to design well. You’d want a jacket that keeps you warm in all weathers, dry in the rain, oh, and weighs absolutely nothing. The Another Mile Jacket fits the bill (minus the nonexistent weight). It’s waterproof, well-fit to the runner’s physique, with versatile hood and pockets to boot. Also with reflective details for late night and early morning running. With the technicality of a jacket, this might be the best lululemon running gear to invest into early.

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Fast and Free Jacket - lululemon running gear for outdoors

Fast And Free Jacket for Men

Like the women’s jacket, Fast And Free Jacket for men is windproof, waterproof, and has the same features and storage. The jacket features a few more technical upgrades from the women’s jackets in that they have ventilated underarms, storage packs in the chest, and lululemon considers the fabric “abrasion-resistant.”

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Best lululemon Running Hoodie

The lululemon running gear for spring and fall.

It’s Rulu Run Long Sleeved Hoodie for Women

For some reason, we prefer running in hoodies to crew-neck sweatshirts despite not using the hood. The garment is sweat-resistant and quick-drying. It has similar reflective details to the lululemon jackets for running with a series of useful technical features like sleeves with thumb-holes, zippered key pockets, and it’s treated with zinc to prevent odor.

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The Surge Warm Hoodie for Men

Surge Warm Hoodie for Men

Made from the same sweat-wicking and quick-drying material as the women’s running hoodie – the lululemon running material is best in class. The hidden zipper pocket and thumbholes are technical features we found made a huge difference in our appreciation of the overall construction and fit.

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Best lululemon Running Shorts 

The best lululemon running gear - the Track That Mid-Rise Shorts

Track That Mid-Rise 5” for Women 

Picking the right running short is a matter of personal preference. Some runner’s prefer a shorter 4” inseam for more mobility and temperature management in the summer months. While others prefer only to run in leggings or tights. We found these split the difference. The fabric is lightweight even with a built in mesh liner and they have all the pockets you’ll ever need.

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The best lululemon running gear might be the men's running short.

Surge Lined Short 6” for Men

Men’s running shorts can be a pain. Pockets or no pockets? Drawstring or no drawstring? Mesh or no mesh? We think these lululemon men’s running shorts made all the right decisions here. The shorts have a quick-drying mesh liner that we’ve never experienced a problem with sweat or odor and one single secured back pocket make these a great pick for every runner.

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Best lululemon Running Shirt

The lululemon running gear shirt for women.

Swiftly Tech Short-Sleeve Shirt for Women

Running shirts are hard to get wrong unless you’re messing with the fit or material too much. But, lululemon went a step further. The shirt construction is designed to reduce chafing (no more end-of-marathon bloody shirts), lightweight, and is constructed from a fabric designed to reduce bacterial build up. Now, that’s technical. 

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Metal Vent Tech Short-Sleeve Shirt for Men

The Metal Vent Tech shirt takes into account the same technical innovations that the women’s shirt did. There’s anti-chafing design and a lightweight bacterial-rejecting material. Lululemon is constantly improving their designs. In this version, they expanded the capacity for the chest so the shirt would cling less to the runner. Hooray!

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Best lululemon Running Shoes

Blissfeel Women’s Running Shoe

lululemon has yet to drop a men’s shoe but the reviews that come from the women’s shoe speak for themselves. Plus, no matter how sweet the deal, an ultramarathoner running 169 miles in 24-hours wouldn’t switch over to a brand whose shoes would give her any pause. That’s a huge deal. The shoe was rated by Runner’s World as 2022’s Gear of the Year and has over 2,000 4.3+ star reviews on the website. Lululemon put the same level of technical and materials experience into their shoe – and it’s paid off. This is about to become the most desirable lululemon running gear on the ultrarunning circuit.

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Best lululemon Running Leggings

Swift Speed High-Rise Tight for Women 

lululemon really built their reputation in the industry on tights and leggings so it should come as no surprise that these are best-in-class. The tights boast a variety of runner-friendly design features like seams on the outside to eliminate rubbing, run-specific contoured waistband, and a single back zippered pocket. Not getting these tights is like not buying tickets to go see the Beatles. These are the most popular lululemon running gear on the market.

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SenseKnit Composite Running Tight for Men

If you’re a man not yet wearing lululemon running tights, it’s probably not cold enough outside yet. The tights tout a SenseKnit technology which is water repellent, quick-drying, and breathable while also being incredibly flexible and stretchy in every way a runner needs to move.

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Best lululemon Running Belt: Fast and Free Running Belt

With a running belt you want a few major attributes – resilient, spacious, and reliable. With resilience, you want a running belt that won’t stretch when damp and won’t wear away after one-hundred runs. Check. With spaciousness, you’d hope the belt can hold a phone, wallet, keys, electrolyte gels, and other safety gear without feeling like a burden. Check. With reliability, you want to make sure what you have in the belt won’t fall out on mile nine. Check plus! The lululemon running belt is one of the most versatile you can find on the market. 

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Best lululemon Running Socks

MacroPillow Ankle Running Sock for Women 

Sometimes, we’ll hear runners say socks aren’t that important. And we’d agree with them if they were going to run a half marathon on their hands. But they’re not, so socks are very important. With socks you want good material, sweat wicking, and compression. These lululemon running socks for women have them all. 

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MacroPillow Ankle Running Sock for Men

In Forrest Gump, Lieutenant Dan’s first rule of joining his platoon – take care of your feet. The second is don’t do anything stupid but we’ll focus on the first rule. The socks are sweat-wicking, quick-drying, and lightweight. We like the length so we don’t accidentally kick our ankles while running and they’re good for spring through winter.

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Best lululemon Running Hat

Fast and Free Hat for Men and Women

Find yourself a hat that’s lightweight, won’t fall off in wind, and will wick sweat – and I’d say you’ve won the hat lottery. The hat is constructed like a space station with four panels designed to stretch and make the hat more breathable. The back is adjustable. The brim is shorter than a baseball cap. And, the hat has reflective details for early morning and evening runs.

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