6 Best Waterproof Running Shoes Money Can Buy

As we edge closer to fall, the possibility of wet, rainy, and eventually snowy runs becomes inevitable. Luckily, there is an easy solution—invest into the best waterproof running shoes money can buy.

When you think of running shoes, you probably think of a thick pair of rubber galoshes. But in reality, waterproof running shoes are made for both trail and road conditions. And, they’re not just for heavy rains, they’re perfect for when it’s a little too damp or even too cold—to tough it out.

These shoes are often wind resistant as well. So, they’re great for keeping out all of the elements as the weather becomes less favorable.

Luckily, there are also quite a few options to choose from now, so there’s an option for almost every type of runner.

Below are our top picks as well as a guide on how to go about choosing the right one for you. 

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How We Selected

To choose the six best waterproof running shoes of 2023 we used our own expertise and experience testing shoes and gear as well as in depth reviews from trusted sources.

We studied the reviews left by runners that have purchased these shoes and logged hundreds of miles in them to get a look into how they performed across all different shapes and sizes of runner.

When selecting shoes, we chose models that covered a range of terrains, designs, cushion levels, and budgets to make sure that we had an option for all types of runners.

There are shoes for the road runner, trail runner, and everything in between. Keep reading to determine exactly what you should look for to make sure you choose the right one for you. 

What to Consider 

When looking for waterproof running shoes, here’s a few key aspects to consider to help you select which might be the best for you.

Waterproof vs. Water Resistant

There is a notable difference between these two categories. Waterproof shoes usually use Gore-Tex waterproof membrane in the upper which prevents any water from coming through the material. This means you can run in rain, or even step in a puddle and you won’t have any water come through the material.

Water resistance is usually achieved through a coating or upper material, and while it won’t completely keep out all water, it will work efficiently in just about any weather condition. If you want the driest option possible though, opt for a fully waterproofed shoe. 

Type of Waterproof Running Shoes

Waterproof shoes generally come in three types—road, trail, and all terrain shoes. The type that you choose will be entirely dependent on what terrain you plan on running on. Where this can get a bit tricky is in winter running.

To combat slippery roads and slushy conditions, many people will opt for a trail shoe in lieu of a road one—if you aren’t sure which to choose though and are looking for an option for all of your adventures, an all terrain model is a great option as it can handle any surface.

Cushioning and Support

Like any shoe, cushioning should always be a consideration.

While waterproofed shoes are most commonly seen in the most popular models (usually neutral and mid-cushion) there are some options out there that do offer higher cushion—particularly in trail shoes. And while there aren’t a ton of stability options out there, you can always add in an insole for some extra support should you need it. 

Best Waterproof Running Shoes of 2023

  • Best for Waterproof Road Running: Asics Cumulus 25 GTX 
  • Most Popular Waterproof Running Shoes: Brooks Ghost 15 GTX
  • Best for Any Surface Running: Hoka Challenger GTX
  • Best for Cold Weather Running Shoes: Nike Pegasus Trail 39 Shield
  • Best for Waterproof Trail Running Shoes: FreshFoam X Hierro v7 GTX
  • Best for Hiking: Altra Olympus 5 Hike Low

Best for Road: ASICS Cumulus 25 GTX

ASICS Cumulus 25 GTX our pick for the best waterproof running shoes for road running.

ASICS Cumulus 25 GTX Specs: 

Heel Drop: 8mm | Weight: 8.3 oz | Support: Neutral | Type: Road

The ASICS Cumulus 25 GTX is a classic road running shoe turned weatherproof.

This shoe is medium cushion, and designed to give you a comfortable but springy ride. The redesign from the 24 features a lighter, softer cushion that is great for your everyday training, that can also handle some speed work.

While the outsole may not perform exceptionally in extremely wet conditions or slippery conditions, it performs fine in the rain and splashes through puddles. and even on uneven terrain like muddy trails, grass, and gravel. 

This shoe also features a Gore-Tex upper which allows for breathability and won’t overheat, but also effectively keeps out wind and water.

The shoe has reflective elements that help keep you visible in low light conditions—a great possibility as the days get shorter. 


  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Softer and more supportive than previous versions


  • Expensive for mid-cushion shoe 
  • May be too narrow for wide feet 

Most Popular: Brooks Ghost 15 GTX 

Brooks Ghost 15 GTX our pick for the best waterproof running shoes for all types of running.

Ghost 15 GTX Specs: 

Drop: 12mm | Weight: 9.2 oz | Support: Neutral | Type: Road 

One of the most popular shoes on the market.

The Ghost is a go-to trainer for countless runners. The 15 is an update from the past model the Brooks Ghost 14 GTX, which offers the same sought after feel that the original Ghost 15 has—no changes to the midsole here—but it has a Gore-Tex membrane layer added in the upper to provide the water resistance. 

This shoe uses the Brooks DNA Loft foam for the midsole which gives it its signature light but plush feel, and the segmented crash pad gives you great grip without affecting flexibility.


  • Great grip for a road shoe
  • A flexible upper for all weather running
  • Classic neutral shoe that works for most runners 


  • May run a bit small

Best for Any Surface: HOKA Challenger GTX 

The HOKA Challenger GTX our pick for the best waterproof running shoes for any surface.

HOKA Challenger GTX Specs:

Drop: 5mm | Weight: 7oz | Support: Neutral | Type: All Terrain 

A waterproof all terrain shoe? Yes please.

The Challenger is designed to be versatile enough to take on any challenge—be it road, track, or trail.

It has a lightly lugged rubber outsole that is grippy enough to handle trails, mud, and slippery conditions, but not so large that they will shear off or feel bumpy on gravel. 

Since it is a HOKA, this shoe is also pretty well cushioned. It has a thick EVA midsole that gives it a light feel but plush ride (especially in the midfoot) that’s great for those looking for some significant shock absorption. It also has a molded mesh upper complete with a Gore-Tex liner that effectively keeps out water. 

With such such a reliable shoe, they’re great for long distances or short hikes on uneven terrain.


  • Designed for all types of terrain
  • A high-cushioned daily trainer
  • Lightweight for the cushion and support


  • May be too cushioned for some runners

Best for Winter: Nike Pegasus 39 Shield

Nike Pegasus 39 Shield our pick for the best waterproof running shoes for winter and cold weather.

Nike Pegasus 39 Shield Specs: 

Drop: 10 mm | Weight: 10.8 oz | Support: Neutral | Type: Road 

The Pegasus Shield has been around for a while. This shoe was one of the first popular water resistant wet weather road shoes.

Not only is it designed to keep your feet dry, but also warm.

In the latest version of the shoe, there is insulation with a fleece liner which provides a cozy feel, and helps to trap heat.

This shoe is not completely waterproof, instead it is sprayed with a water repellent finish, but as long as you aren’t submerging your feet in puddles or slush, it will keep your feet feeling dry.

The Pegasus has no gaiter (rubber outsole) or rock plate (stiffer midsole to protect the runner from irregular objects underneath).

This shoe also feels pretty akin to the actual Pegasus—albeit slightly bulkier—but overall it still has the soft, springy feel that people love. This iteration also has an extra grippy sole, so it’s great for taking out on snowy, icy days. 


  • Fleece insulation to keep feet warm
  • Soft but springy midsole
  • Extremely grippy outsole


  • Only water resistant, not completely waterproof 

Best Trail Running Shoes: New Balance FreshFoam X Hierro v7 GTX

New Balance FreshFoam X Hierro v7 GTX.

New Balance FreshFoam X Hierro v7 GTX Specs: 

Heel Drop: 8mm | Weight: 9.2 oz | Support: neutral | Type: Trail 

If you want something specifically to head out to the trails, the Hierro is a great choice.

This shoe feels like a plush road shoe thanks to the soft FreshFoam X cushioning, but it is more than capable of handling the most technical trails.

It has a lugged Vibram sole which is not only incredibly grippy, but also super durable. Paired with the Gore-Tex upper which provides both more durability and of course waterproofing, it is great for the muddiest, snowiest, wettest trails. 


  • Light but well-cushioned 
  • Comfortable for long term wear 
  • Breathable but waterproof 


  • The heel may fit a bit wide for some runners

Best for Hikers-First: Altra Olympus 5 Hike Low

Altra Olympus 5 Hike Low Specs: 

Drop: 0mm | Weight: 13.2 oz | Support: Neutral | Type: Trail and hiking 

Hiking boots meet running shoe.

If you are looking for a shoe that is slightly more “backpacking through Europe”, the Altra Olympus could be a great fit.

While the original Olympus is designed as a running shoe, this one is marketed as a hiking shoe—though if you do want something super high cushion for trail running, it’s a definite option.

This shoe has the signature Altra foot-shaped last which allows for toes to fully spread out, and works great for those with wider feet or front of foot issues. It also has a thick EVA foam which is light weight but highly cushioned so it keeps you comfortable even on long hikes.

It also features a Vibram sole with Megagrip lugs that make it a great choice for super slippery trails. And of course it has the Gore-Tex lining to help keep your feet dry in the swampiest conditions. 


  • Very high-cushioned running shoe
  • Wide toe box 


  • One of the most expensive shoes on the market

Other Popular Waterproof Running Shoes We Considered

  • HOKA Speedgoat 5 ($154.95): One of the most popular trail running shoes on the market with high-cushion and great grip. A good consideration if you like HOKA but not the Challenger GTX.
  • Salomon Speedcross ($139.95): A versatile shoe on all terrains, but stiff construction with an overly soft outsole.
  • ASICS GT-2000 11 Trail ($99.00): Stable and affordable but without any bells and whistles that would make it a superior stand-out waterproof running shoe.
  • Brooks Cascadia 16 GTX ($109.95): Brooks makes reliable, durable and stable shoes but didn’t impress us more than the Brooks Ghost 15 GTX.
  • Nike Pegasus Trail 4 Gore-Tex ($160.00): A great Pegasus Trail but we preferred the fleece liner of the Trail 39.
  • Saucony Peregrine 12 GTX ($149.95): A responsive and breathable shoe but with an outsole that is not meant for pavement.


Which shoes are best for running in rain?

While there is no specific shoe that is best for running in the rain, you will definitely want a waterproofed shoe if you are running in more than a drizzle. 

Is it OK to waterproof running shoes?

Though you could waterproof running shoes with a spray that can sometimes affect the breathability. It also will not be as effective as a waterproof shoe so you may still get wet feet if you are in rain or stepping through wetness for long enough.

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