The 25+ Best Gifts for Women Who Run: The 2024 Picks

Whether training for their first half or their 20th, your mother, sister, aunt or female friend will love our favorite running gifts for women.

The holidays are here again, and it’s time to start shopping for your favorite runners once more. While the women in your life are undoubtedly multifaceted, we have gathered up some of the best running gifts for women to support their running hobby, obsession, lifestyle – whatever they like to call it!

Whether you are looking for a stocking stuffer or an extravagant surprise from a very special oversized elf, we have options for you.

These are all products that come highly recommended from buyers like yourself—as well as some personal picks from a fellow female runner, yours truly. I’ve spent the last two years trying out hundreds of products for Runner’s World and now Half Marathon Guide and these are the products that have always stuck out to me as best in class.

We also chose items that are universally easy to gift (so we left out running shoes which can be tricky to buy unless you know exactly what type of shoe she’s running in).

Instead, we opted for hydration, accessories, apparel and everything they need to recover from her toughest runs. Check out our top picks for your favorite athlete—or if you are the runner yourself, feel free to forward these gift ideas along to your gift giver for some inspiration. 

If you’re sweating about holiday season and it’s not from your run, you might want to check out our recommended running gifts for men and more general best gifts for runners.

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Our Top Running Gifts for Women

Goodr Sunglasses

These sunglasses are lightweight, polarized, and bounce-proof. They also are an affordable gift option for running on a budget that everyone can put to use year round. They come in just about every style and color imaginable.

$20.00 from Amazon

Supergoop SPF Bestsellers 

No matter the time of year, the dead heat of summer or the cold weather of winter, runners should be wearing sunscreen outside. This set has a collection of the top sellers from Supergoop! so they can try them out and pick a new favorite. Not quite sure about Supergoop? We ranked our favorite sunscreens for runners.

$30.00 from

Raycon Fitness Headphones 

These headphones are designed to hold up to the toughest workouts and grossest conditions while still sounding great. We prefer these earbuds even to the Apple AirPods because of how much they stand up to heavy duty elements. They have washable, removable ear pads and are noise canceling for when she want to really zone in.

$83.99 on Amazon

Rogue Expeditions Running Vacation

2024 is the year of the running vacation. You probably have a runner in your life who has already done the big races like New York City Marathon, just ran their latest PR, and keeps buying new trackers, shoes, and gear. Running is a hobby. It can take you anywhere. These trips are designed for every level of runner and takes runners on a trail running adventure to the most scenic locations around the world like Morocco, Italy, and Croatia.

Prices Vary

Cozy Earth Waffle Bathrobe 

Post-run showers have never been cozier. Plus, there’s no more perfect gift than a robe which you can wear around all Christmas day whether you ran or not. This robe from Cozy Earth is super plush and will make every shower feel like a trip to a luxury spa.

$136 on

Fount Society Body Glow Duo 

This body serum and oil combo will help your runner stay soft and moisturized even on the driest days of winter. They also come in heavy ceramic bottles which look and feel expensive, so they get a taste of luxury along with glowing skin. 

$84.00 from Fount Society

Nathan Limitless 2 Liter Sling 

Lighter than a pack and more storage space than a belt, this hydration sling is a happy medium for any runner. It features a removable torso belt that can be used to prevent bounce, or they can wear it without for easy access and a more casual feel.

$47.00 from Amazon

Tracksmith Tote 

This canvas bag is capable of toting around all their running gear in a stylish package. Made with canvas and leather it is durable enough to withstand daily wear, and large enough to fit a 15 inch laptop if they choose to use it for more than just running. We also find Tracksmith’s Prospect Beanie to be one of the best winter running hats on the market today and they make our very favorite merino running tee shirt.

$258.00 on

Breville Barista Express 

You’ll be hard pressed to find a runner that’s not at least a little obsessed with drinking coffee before running. This compact but capable espresso machine will let them make their favorite drinks in the comfort of their home—and save them trips to Starbucks. Yes, this is an expensive piece of equipment. But, when you account for the fact that you’re consuming coffee multiple times a day and it contributes to better running performance – it’s worth it’s weight in gold.

$685.90 on Amazon

Nama J2 Cold Press Juicer

Juices are a delicious way to get in some extra fruits, veggies and vitamins – all of which are required for marathon and half marathon nutrition…but they are often expensive. This cold press juicer keeps the contents cold so it won’t lose nutrition and it’s super easy to clean when their juice is ready and is a splurge gift for the runner who has made healthy eating a high priority in 2024.

$550.00 on

Garmin Forerunner 265 

One of the best GPS running watches for runners. The 265 has everything they need and nothing they don’t. From in depth training data, to personalized workouts, to smartphone features, this Garmin is a great buy for runners of all ages and experience. Use this for everything from your heart rate monitoring, to sleep monitoring, to just tracking your pace and distance.

$449 on Amazon

Balega Hidden Comfort Socks 

Plush, non-slip, moisture-wicking and blister resistant, these running socks are one of my go-to’s year round. They fit the foot without being tight and the heel tab prevents them from slipping down in your shoe. 

$15.99 on Amazon

Honey Stinger Variety Pack 

This Honey Stinger variety pack has a selection of nutrition snacks including gummies, gels, bars, and waffles to fuel every stage of their training. Honey Stinger not her favorite energy gel? We ranked our favorite running gels on the market.

$15.00 on Amazon

Athletic Brewing Non-Alcoholic Beer 

Give the gift of a delicious post-run brew to your sober-curious runner. Athletic Brewing makes a selection of NA beers from IPAs to lagers with all the taste and none of the regret. 

$29.00 on Amazon

Kane Revive 

These recovery shoes give you the cushioning and support her feet crave after the longest runs and toughest workouts. The perforated upper allows for breathability and the shoes are fully washable so no worries about wearing after a muddy run. A great gift for runners who are looking for running recovery products beyond their day-to-day foam roller.

$75.00 on

Hatch Restore 2 

Not only does this sunrise clock dress up any nightstand, but it can also help them improve their sleep schedule. It can be set to daily wind down and wake up schedules with specific lighting and soundscapes that help them fall asleep easily and wake up refreshed. 

$199.99 on Amazon

Owala FreeSip Water Bottle

The newest Tiktok bottle obsession, the Owala is popular for good reason. This one can hold 32 ounces of water, has a locking cap, is insulated, and has a sip and swig drinking option. These are great gifts for those women who are environmentally conscious.

$32.99 on Amazon

Rise and Run Cookbook 

Another hit cookbook by former-pro runner Shalane Flanagan, this one gives delicious breakfast recipes as well as shopping lists, training plans, and sage running advice from one of America’s best.

Not into cook books? Maybe she’d like one of the best running books.

$14.99 on Amazon

Hypervolt Go2 Massage Gun 

This massage gun may be light and portable, but it has yet to meet a knot that it can’t loosen. It has 3 speeds and comes with 3 heads to target different muscles and various depths. 

$109.00 on Amazon

Trigger Point Foam Roller 

If you want a more affordable roller, the trigger point foam roller is a classic for a reason. It has a soft foam topping over hard plastic so they can get deep into their muscles without overworking or experiencing discomfort. 

$31.44 on Amazon

City Skyline Necklace 

Gifting for a loved one that just ran a marathon? This city skyline is a stylish way to celebrate their accomplishment—and more subtle than accessorizing with their race medal. For those who would wear their finisher medal pretty much everywhere but it’s not socially acceptable yet.

$33.76 on Etsy

Customizable Race Print 

Is your marathoner not a jewelry lover? This race print is another great way to memorialize their latest race. You can customize the race route, date, time, and even color scheme. 

$45.00 on Etsy

Lululemon Scuba Oversized Hoodie

Every runner needs a recovery day fit. This sweatshirt from lululemon is plush, flattering, and comes in 15 different colors. Want a full outfit? Pair this with the stretchy soft-jersey jogger.

$118.00 on

The Flipbelt Running Belt

Our favorite running belt that I rebuy every year just to get a different color. With the inserts on the inside, this elastic belt requires no zippers in cold weather, no fumbling with your phone falling out – nothing. Designed for every runner in every weather.

$34.00 on Amazon

Nathan QuickSqueeze Handheld Bottle

This handheld bottle holds 18 ounces of water, and can store essentials like nutrition, cards, keys or even a phone. Plus the ergonomic strap lets them run with their hand loose instead of having to grip the bottle. A great option for trail runner in your life who doesn’t want to get bogged down by an entire hydration pack.

$34.98 on Amazon

Apple Watch Ultra 

For the runner that wants a GPS and smartwatch rolled into one, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 is a given. It is ruggedized to handle their toughest workouts—even under water— and can last up to 36 hours on a single charge.

$749.00 on Amazon

Body Glide Anti-Chafe Cream

The most popular anti-chafe cream on the market today. Great for all weathers – it’s going to help you with sweat-wicking in the heat and it’s going to help you with clothing chafing in the winters.

$10.99 on Amazon

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