9 New England Running Retreats Worth Traveling For

A running retreat in New England is the perfect way to enjoy fall foliage.
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New England is celebrated for its incredible fall foliage, its colonial past, and its ideal placement right on the Atlantic Coast. Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and the like have long been a destination for both runners and outdoor lovers.

Of course, the renowned Boston Marathon bolsters the New England road running community but, with its challenging mountain settings and serene beauty, trail running has grown in popularity in the area.

Enter: the rise in popularity of running retreats in New England. If you’re looking to get away for a few days, log a few training runs, or simply an active way to explore new destinations, heading to a running retreat could very well be worth your time and energy.

We’ve gathered all of the currently-operating running retreats in New England and grouped them by state. 

(To be honest, though, once you see how gorgeous each one is, making that decision might not be so easy!)

Running Retreats In Maine

When you’re looking for running retreats in Maine, know this: you’ll have plenty of choice in the Pine Tree State. With retreats in the spring and fall, you’ll have the perfect weather to explore.

1. Acadia Running Retreat

Move Free Design’s 4-day run retreat uses the College of the Atlantic’s campus as its home base. Over the Friday through Monday retreat, you’ll have the chance to run the Shore Path, summit local mountains, take on the West Side, and eat your share of s’mores by the campfire. And if you’re running the Bar Harbor Half Marathon, you’ll get a sneak peak at your race route in Acadia National Park.

Daily mileage ranges from three to 22 miles, with elevation gains of up to 3,000′ on Saturday and Sunday. More than just the mileage, there are also opportunities for yoga, hikes, swimming, and more ways to enjoy summertime in Maine.

Where: Bar Harbor, Maine

When: June 14 – June 17, 2024; August 1 – August 4, 2024

Check it out: Move Free Designs – Acadia Running Retreat

2. Adventures in Wellness Maine – Acadia

This 4-day run adventure uses downtown Bar Harbor as a launching point for runs through Acadia National Park, one of the most visited in the country. From Penobscot Bay views and glassy ponds to the serenity of single-track trails through quiet woods and alongside mountains, you’ll have plenty of new environments to run through.

Daily runs range from 5-10 miles, with the potential for a long run of up to 20 miles, while runners will also enjoy a few workshops, yoga and breathwork exercises, and meals prepared by a professional chef.

Where: Acadia, Maine

When: October 2-6, 2024

Check it out: Adventures in Wellness Maine – Acadia

3. Adventures in Wellness Maine – Camden Hills

Ever considered running the Megunticook 50K? Or just looking for a Camden Hills Running Retreat? This Adventure in Wellness Maine trip is offered twice a year. With base camp in a home on the ocean, you’ll be well-rested and recharged for daily runs into Camden Hills State Park.

Daily mileage ranges from 5-10 miles, depending on preference, with the change for a long run of 15-20 miles on the final day. Hot tub soaks, morning yoga sessions, and professionally cooked meals are just some of the delights that accompany this running retreat in Maine.

Where: Camden Hills, Maine

When: April 26-30, 2024; May 1-5, 2024

Check it out: Adventures in Wellness Maine – Camden Hills

4. Rise Run Retreat – Fall Retreat in Wells, Maine

For all of Maine’s forests and mountains, it’s easy to forget its oceanfront running is just as impressive. Fortunately, Rise Run Retreat’s fall running retreat in Wells, Maine puts you front and center to the beauty with oceanside runs and marsh trails. 

This three-night running retreat in Maine features daily trail runs, yoga and workshops, and a wine & cheese welcome. Plus, you’ll have plenty of time for restorative moments, whether you choose to go for a chilly Atlantic swim, take a solo beach walk, or do some early morning sun salutations. 

Where: Wells, Maine

When: 2024 Dates TBD

Check it out: Rise Run Retreat

Running Retreats In Massachusetts

A running retreat in Massachusetts has plenty of advantages: access to incredible nature, like the 16,000+ acres of October Mountain State Forest; the living history of the American Revolution at every turn, and the home of one of America’s premier running events.

5. RunnersConnect – Boston Running Retreat

From runners looking to for their Boston Marathon PRs to New England runners who just want to get to know their area a little better, this RunnersConnect Boston Running Retreat is a delight.

Based on the actual Boston Marathon course, you’ll get hands-on (or should we say, shoes-on) experience at different parts of the course, along with great instructional moments like dynamic warm-ups, optional track workouts, strength training and drills. 

Where: Boston, MA

When: July 15 – 18, 2024

Check it out: RunnersConnect – Boston Running Retreat

Running Retreats In New Hampshire

As a state known for its independent past and its endless nature, it only makes sense that you might be thinking about running retreats in New Hampshire. For long days of quiet reflection on the trails and warm nights among friends, check out a few of these retreats.

6. Rise Run Retreat

Wolfeboro, which is just along the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee, makes for the home base of this gorgeous spring running retreat in New Hampshire. From runs along the lakeside rail trail to a morning hike on the last day to a local summit, this is all about some much needed natural immersion.

More than just a great few days of running, you’ll also have the chance to connect with your fellow runners at this all-women running retreat through workshops, restorative yoga, and other unique moments.

Where: Wolfeboro, NH

When:  2024 Dates TBD

Check it out:  Rise Run Retreat

Running Retreats In Vermont

running camp vermont

If you want all-you-can-eat Ben and Jerry’s, you’re going to have to get your runs in first. Besides the chance to indulge in this legendary Vermont ice cream, you’ll find all the running motivation you need in Vermont’s breathtaking natural settings at these Vermont running retreats.  

7. Craftsbury Women’s Running Camp

For a running retreat that takes athletics as seriously as it does its impact on the environment, Craftsbury Outdoor Center is a great destination. Given that one of the charms of running retreats is a connection between the runner and nature, knowing the organization prioritizes that connection makes the training that much more special.

Where: Craftsbury, VT

When: May – October, 2024

Check it out: Craftsbury Women’s Running Camps

8. Run Wild Retreats – Vermont Trail Running + Culinary Retreat

Some states have a culinary reputation that precedes them. When those states combine that delicious food with a state with as much natural beauty as Vermont, spending time there is a no-brainer.

The glories of this Vermont Trail Running and Culinary Retreat by Run Wild Retreats are just that: taking advantage of the natural delights and then ending the days with the culinary ones, from cooking classes to professionally prepared meals.

Where: Essex, VT

When: September 12 – 15, 2024

Check it out: Run Wild Retreats – Vermont Trail Running + Culinary Retreat

9. Vermont Adventure Retreat

For many runners, running is just one of a number of adventurous activities they enjoy. If that sounds like you, the Vermont Adventure Retreat by Women’s Quest is calling your name. Hiking, biking, canoeing, yoga, and trail running are just the beginning of your adventurous Vermont stay.

Where: Stowe, VT

When: September 7 – 12, 2024

Check it out: Vermont Adventure Retreat by Women’s Quest

Running Retreats In Connecticut

We looked and looked but could not find any established running retreats in Connecticut. Maybe all you Connecticut runners are heading up to Vermont and Maine for maple syrup-fueled long runs?

There is still plenty to enjoy about running in Connecticut, so if you’re planning a long weekend there, why not see if one of these Connecticut road races lines up with your schedule? 

Or if you’ve got a mind to get some trail running in, the Blue-Blazed Trail Running Series is a unique way to take advantage of Connecticut’s Blue-Blazed Hiking Trails.

Running Retreats In Rhode Island

Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to find any running retreats in Rhode Island. Still, that shouldn’t stop you from planning a nice weekend running in Providence!

For upcoming running events in Rhode Island, keep an eye on local favorite shop the Rhode Runner and local running events company Rhode Races.

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