Vote for the Best Half Marathons in the U.S.

Cast your vote for the best half marathons in the United States

We love half marathons. You love them too.

For the first time, we’re crowning the Best Half Marathons in the United States as chosen by you.

This is last year’s list of the 2023 Best Half Marathons in the US picked by our editors.

Here’s this year’s link to vote for the 2024 Best Half Marathons in the US.

How does it work?

Use this link to head to our voting page.

From there, you’ll enter your email and vote for the state you’d like to vote for. You’ll then pick your favorite half marathon in that state and click “Submit.”

It’s just that simple.

Do I have to submit my email?

Submitting an email is not required to cast your vote. But, we’re giving away prizes to four special voters. If you don’t submit your email, we won’t have any way to contact you to let you know you’ve won.

Your email will not be used for any other purpose outside of confirming that your vote has been received and letting you know whether you are or are not a winner of the prizes.

What will I win?

We’re selecting four random voters who will receive:

Casting more votes won’t give you more entries to win.

What if I don’t see my favorite half marathon on the list?

The United States is home to nearly 3,000 half marathons every year.

And, while we’d love to be able to list them all, scrolling through 600 California half marathons to pick just one doesn’t make for the best voting experience.

So, we’ve identified a select few of the most popular, most scenic, and most talked about in every state and included those on our short list of voting options.

But, you can write in any half marathon you’d like to vote for. Simply select “Other” which is the last choice on every state and write in your selection.

We’ll add your write in to the list once it’s submitted so others can vote for it as well.

When does voting begin and end?

Voting begins January 1, 2024 and finishes January 31, 2024.

Where do I vote?

You can vote here for the 2024 Best Half Marathons in the US.

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  • Jason Stine February 11, 2024, 4:12 am

    Wondering when results will be posted for best half marathons in us

  • joe connelly January 2, 2024, 6:46 pm

    Your best half marathons poll… For Vermont you list the Vermont City Marathon Half Marathon. That’s not a race! I’m the RD for the VCM, we have a marathon and a relay, but not a half marathon. Could you please correct the poll?

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