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Why I Run: John Nguyen, 37

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Runner: John Nguygen, 37 Years running: I started running as a sophomore in high school with cross country and track. I started running again in 2009 til now (its also the year I read Born to Run, ran my first half marathon, marathon, and ultra). So I've been running again for about 5 years. From: [...]

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Testing, 1, 2, 3. . .

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Last Sunday marked the 14th annual Barr Trail Mountain Race and my first bonafide test of my Pikes Peak Marathon training thus far. And a test, it would be - six miles up then back down Barr Trail - approximately half of the Pikes Peak Ascent. I had tried to convince Dakin and JD to race it with me [...]

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Tootisie Time Out

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I love trail running even more than road running. It's challenging, and the view at the top is that much more rewarding because of it. And the scenery - especially where I run - is absolutely gorgeous. Its aftermath, however, is often not. Not even a little bit. I apologize for what you are about to see. . . Remnants [...]

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There’s No More Worthwhile Cause to Run For Than This One

There’s No More Worthwhile Cause to Run For Than This One Thumbnail

It's more than a problem, it's more than a scandal. And it's happening within many of the cities and towns we all call home here in the United States, hidden from view and yet everywhere. Human trafficking for sex and forced labor has enslaved millions of people worldwide -- some 27 million and even some [...]

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