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Why I Run: Tom Osterbuhr, 57

Why I Run: Tom Osterbuhr, 57 Thumbnail

Runner: Tom Osterbuhr, 57 Years Running: 45 From: Grand Island, Nebraska 1) What's your favorite distance? My favorite distance changes throughout the year. I love a good 5K in the summer, and I also love the marathon in the fall and spring. They are at the opposite end of the extremes of running, but they [...]

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*Sigh* Thumbnail

*Sigh.* So remember those sharp pains that shot through my knee at the end of the Barr Trail Mountain Race? Yyeeaahhhh. . . Turns out those stuck around a little longer than those few steps just before the finish line. At run club on Monday night - the day after the race - I had delusions of grandeur that [...]

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You Can Make a Firefighter’s Family’s Year by Running This Half Marathon

You Can Make a Firefighter’s Family’s Year by Running This Half Marathon Thumbnail

If you've ever wanted to find a way to give back to the police officers and firefighters who keep our communities safe every day, consider the all-new Blue Red Run Half Marathon, which makes its debut this November in Irving, Texas, just a short drive from nearby Dallas. This race, which starts at Williams Square [...]

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How Do You Have Fun During a Race?

How Do You Have Fun During a Race? Thumbnail

For many of us, running a road race is a serious thing: We've trained intensively for months on end, we're focused on accomplishing our goal, and we're not letting anything distract us from getting to the finish line. Trouble is, that can turn out to be little more than a long, hard slog -- an [...]

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Why I Run: John Nguyen, 37

Why I Run: John Nguyen, 37 Thumbnail

Runner: John Nguygen, 37 Years running: I started running as a sophomore in high school with cross country and track. I started running again in 2009 til now (its also the year I read Born to Run, ran my first half marathon, marathon, and ultra). So I've been running again for about 5 years. From: [...]

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Testing, 1, 2, 3. . .

Testing, 1, 2, 3. . . Thumbnail

Last Sunday marked the 14th annual Barr Trail Mountain Race and my first bonafide test of my Pikes Peak Marathon training thus far. And a test, it would be - six miles up then back down Barr Trail - approximately half of the Pikes Peak Ascent. I had tried to convince Dakin and JD to race it with me [...]

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