7 Best Running Holidays in Europe

Running holidays in Europe offer an active way to see the scenery of a vacation.
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Looking to pair the Eiffel Tower with some trail runs? Want to keep up your Fartlek training while you’re in Spain? We’ve gathered up the best running holidays in Europe that offer a great vacation on hand-picked trails with great coaches in some of Europe’s top destinations. 

These are no ordinary trips. These are for travelers who want to see Europe in a new light — and not veer too far off their training plan while enjoying time away. As runners ourselves who’ve lived abroad, we know running is a powerful way to explore a new place. (We’re also big fans of running marathons in Europe.)

So if you’re looking for a way to see your favorite European countries while still getting your miles in (get used to calling them kilometers!), stick around. We’ve got seven of the best running holidays around Europe for you, along with a few honorable mentions.

1. Ireland

Rogue Expeditions offers great running holidays in Ireland.
Rouge Expeditions

While you may have an idea of what Ireland is about, Rogue Expeditions’ Run Ireland trips let you in on some Irish adventures that are well worth having. 

From cozy pubs and towering castles to wind-whipped cliffs and eye-poppingly green hills, their two trips — the Classic Ireland Route and the Hidden Northwest Route — are both gems. 

Other Running Holidays in Ireland

It wouldn’t be a conversation about Ireland if we didn’t mention how lucky you are to have some other great Irish options. We’ll mention two. For the adventure-minded, Vacation Races plans an 8-day Ireland running vacation a few times a year, complete with falconry, archery, and more than a few glasses of whiskey.

For a mix of mindful running to go with the charms of cliffs and castles, check out the women-only Ireland Trail Running + Wellness Retreat by Run Wild Retreats.

2. Spain

If the idea of exploring medieval villages, running alongside (and diving in) the Mediterranean seaside, and eating your fill of tapas sounds like a dream, this Spain running holiday by Run The World Adventures has your name all over it.

Over seven days and 130km, you’ll experience what makes life in the Costa Brava region so rich. Plus, with Run The World Adventures’ decade of experience, you’ll know you’re in good hands. 

Other Running Holidays in Spain

Obsessed with red wines from Rioja? If you’re not yet, you might be after Trails and Vines’ Rioja Spain running adventure.

This weeklong trip in Rioja, located in the northern part of Spain, features great food, seemingly endless wine, and a charming setup. This is a base camp-style retreat, meaning you’ll be in the same beautiful farmhouse each night, giving you the chance to relax from your runs, catch up with your new friends, and plan your next adventure.

3. United Kingdom

Running holidays in England let you run from pub to pub.
Tour de Trails

If there’s an English running challenge that’s always tempted us, it’s the idea of criss-crossing the country by trail. Add on top of that the chance to enjoy some of the region’s best ales, and you’ve sold us. 

That’s what Tour de Trails offers with Coast2Coast Pub2Pub — 300+ kilometers over 10 days on the trail (plus two days of time to recover and/or have some more pints). The standing record for beers enjoyed responsibly over the trip is at 50. 

While we can’t say for certain that drink training counts as cross-training, this UK running holiday sure has us rethinking our stance.

Other Running Holidays in the United Kingdom

For a Scottish running holiday that takes you up to Glasgow Harbor and the lochs of the Knoydart Peninsula, you might be interested in Aire Libre’s Scotland running retreat.

In this six-day adventure, you’ll find yourself among the untouched environment of the Scottish highlands, running, and taking in lochside meditations.

4. Iceland

For an epic run through geothermal mountains and hot springs, the Laugavegur Trail knows no equal. And there may be no better company to explore it with than Iceland’s own Arctic Running

With their guides, you can enjoy the Laugavegur Trail in one to three days, or take on a weeklong Iceland running adventure.

Other Running Holidays In Iceland

From snowmobiling to hot springs and runs by glaciers, volcanoes, waterfalls, and lava fields, Rogue Expeditions’ Run Iceland is a breathtaking introduction to running the Land of Ice and Fire.

5. Norway

Running vacations in Norway offer incredible views.
Trail Run Adventures

The joys of a trail running adventure are that they often emphasize adventure just as much as they do trail running. That’s what makes Trail Run Adventures’ Norway trip over seven days stand out to us.

Not only do you get to do some of the world’s best trail running backdropped by fjords, the Troll Wall (Europe’s tallest vertical rock face), and glaciers, but you get to have good old-fashioned adventures, too. We’re talking hiking, canyoning, white water rafting, kayaking in an UNESCO fjord, yoga, and more.

Other Running Holidays in Northern Europe

While there are many kinds of runners, there are two categories we find most fall into: those who eat to run, and those who run to eat.

If you love running because you get a blank slate to eat, it’s worth checking out Go Running Tours’ Danish Gastronomy Run Holiday. During these four days, you’ll pair lovely trail runs along the beach and through the forests with local vineyards, breweries, and maybe — just maybe — a dinner at one of the world’s best restaurants.

6. France

If we told you it was possible to travel to France in the summer and not drown in tourists, would you believe us? It is when you take the high road through the French Pyrénées with Aire Libre

This stunning six-day running adventure in France features remote high mountain passes, local foods, and a base camp at 2,400m (just over 7,800 feet).

Other Running Holidays In France

While there are plenty of Mont Blanc tours and running adventures and training camps, we’re going to put the emphasis on the best running holidays in Europe with this honorable mention: Trails and Vines’ Bergerac weeklong run adventure. Situated just outside of the world-renowned Bordeaux region, you’re in for a week of vineyard runs and winery visits.

7. Italy

Trail running in the Dolomites is an incredible vacation.

While no one ever accused the Dolomites in Italy as being easy, you can at least make the challenge a bit more luxurious with Holimites’ Trail Running + Wellness Retreat

Over this six-day Italy running tour you’ll pair breathtaking (and tough!) trails with four-star hotels in Sud-Tyrol. Wind down each day with a glass of wine, in the spa, or just by taking in the calming mountain views.

Other Running Holidays In Italy

Get a taste of Slovenia and Italy in this Guided South Tyrolean Dolomites + Slovenia Trail Running Vacation by Runcation. For runners who want a taste of Slovenian Alps, Italy’s Dolomites, Alpine lakes, and some castles, too, this seven-day tour is waiting for you.

Bonus: More Running Holidays

While these are some of our favorite running holidays in Europe, you might be interested in seeing where else around the world your next running vacation might take you. Or if you’re looking to stay within the US, our favorite running retreats guide has some nice selections from all over the country (personally, we love the running retreats of New England).

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